Enhance your facial and body skin with Lucia’s specials - prepare for the holiday season with a huge range of treatments that will make you feel like a star.

The festive season is approaching – fast. This December you can consider some aesthetic treatments that will prepare you for celebrations, parties, social encounters and New Year’s Eve. This is perhaps the most fun time of the year, but it can also influence your appearance because let’s face it – late-night parties leave you with very little sleep and make your skin dull-looking and dehydrated. Don’t have less fun during this festive period because you don’t feel refreshed.

But, which treatments to choose? Well, we at Lucia Clinic are offering you a variety of effective, high-quality procedures like Botox, Thermage, Ultherapy, Dermal Fillers and much much more. Want to look great this holiday season? Take a sneak peek at our Holiday season promotion and check outour special offers.



So, let’s start preparing. There are numerous aesthetic procedures that can make your skin glow for celebrations.

 AquaGold treatment gives you that natural beauty enhancement that you just need. Your face looks refreshed after a long night of parties and not enough sleep. It hydrates your skin and reduces fine lines – super fast. In just 20 minutes you improve the overall state of your skin. Join the festivities with a shine on your face.

Dermal fillers are super popular aesthetic treatments. They are a comfortable treatment and involve injecting Hyaluronic acid just beneath your skin. With dermal fillers, you can restore lost volume to your face and make it plumper and more enhanced. Dermal fillers work best for adding more volume to your lips, smoothing fine lines, rejuvenating the under-eye area, improving cheeks and jawline – they make your complexion more refined and enhance your best facial features. Forget about a tired-looking face – with dermal fillers you will look refreshed and ready to go back to the party.

Botox is an awesome treatment for addressing fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t be bothered with these signs of aging – our premium Botox injectables will smooth dynamic wrinkles and give you a younger-looking face. Frown lines between eyebrows, Crow’s feet and forehead lines can be a thing of the past – get ready to take some great selfies during celebrations.

ClearLift laser treatment is an innovative treatment that can prepare your face to look healthy, smooth and youthful for this festive season. It is non-invasive which means that it doesn’t require a long downtime so you can quickly rejoin the Christmas party, but with a twist – your skin tone is more even, your pores, redness, photodamage is reduced. Your skin will be firmer and show no signs of aging. With this treatment, you will look as if you have turned back time even though the clock is counting minutes until New Year.



Whether you want to improve your cheeks or a jawline or firm your arms, thighs or tummy, you can choose various treatments at Lucia Clinic. The treatments will improve your contours and refine your skin. With your new look for the festive season, you will attract the attention of others and mark the beginning of the new year.

 Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that can lift and firm loose skin on your face, neck and décolletage. It provides natural-looking results – you look refreshed and rejuvenated. This advanced ultrasound treatment can give you a subtle brow lift and tighter chin. There is no downtime – you can continue with your social gathering right after the treatment. It will give you the amazing skin tightening effect that you have always wanted.

Thermage is a laser skin tightening treatment that uses RF energy to make your skin firmer and to start collagen production. You will achieve completely natural results – smoother and youthful-looking, shiny face. The procedure is comfortable you don’t need to miss the festive fun because of the treatment session. The signs of aging ski will be reduced, your jawline and chin will be better-contoured and the skin on your neck, arms, legs, tummy and buttocks will be firmer. You didn’t get enough sleep these days? Well, with Thermage treatment you can reduce the hooding on your eyelids and get a refreshed and awakened look.

EmSculpt NEO treatment is a real star treatment. Do you need those last few inches trimmed to fit perfectly into your festive gown? Then Emsculpt NEO will do the trick – with its special technology this treatment can eliminate the stubborn pockets of fat and at the same time make your muscles more defined. It can tighten your arms, thighs, buttocks or abdomen. The treatments are fast and there is no downtime – you can try on your brand, new clothes and head to the party.

CoolSculpting treatment will make you look cool and smooth. This amazing procedure freezes the fat cells underneath your skin that simply won’t go no matter how you try. Once they are frozen your own body eliminates them and you get a nicely shaped waist, thighs or abdomen. The best part – the eliminated fat cells don’t return. In just 35minutes, you can get smoother, firmer and most importantly natural-looking results. Slip into your finest dress and join the festivities with confidence -you will look great!



You don’t know what to put on your Christmas wish list? Why not get silky smooth skin with Laser hair removal treatment! Treat yourself to this effective treatment that will not take too much of your time. The treatment session can last just 5 to 10 minutes all depending on the area you are targeting. After that, you can continue with the party you planned. The results are long-lasting and you will enjoy your beautiful skin even during the summer.

How about getting rid of cellulite dimples and getting smooth and firm skin? EmTone is here to do it for you. It’s a fast, safe and effective way to shape your body perfectly. With this treatment, you can improve lax skin on different areas of your body, improve its appearance, boost its texture and tone – in short look great for the New Year’s Eve party. The treatment is very powerful but also gentle – it is perfect for getting rid of cellulite. It triggers the structural change in your collagen layers – the final result is an improved skin texture. Your skin gets rejuvenated, smooth and firm – perfect for your party clothes.

Skin Boosters will do for your skin exactly what their name says – boost your skin’s radiance and hydration. They are hyaluronic acid injectables that nourish and keep your skin moisturized. You can get them for your face, neck, hands and décolletage -anywhere you need to show your skin in the best light. Forget about aging and tired-looking face during the Festive season – Skin Boosters will make your complexion firmer, smoother and glowing. You will definitely outshine others on your next social gathering with hydrated and radiant skin.

Facials will make your skin refreshed, glowing and nurtured before the Holiday season. They are non-invasive treatments that do wonders to your skin – they keep it hydrated and clean – they unclog the pores, remove the dirt and dead skin cells. Your skin looks brighter and it is protected from antioxidants – in other words, prepared for long and fun celebrations. You won’t have to worry about damaging your skin – it will be fresh, youthful-looking and healthy all the way through the holiday season.

 Alma Hybrid for scars treatment is another way to bring your skin to perfection before the start of the new year. Are you worried that your party makeup won’t be as brilliant because of acne and other scars? Then OScar treatment will put you at ease. This powerful scar reduction treatment can be fully customized to specifically address your skin concerns. The perfect combination of ablative and non-ablative parameters will make your skin smooth and without scars. At the end of the treatment sessions, you get a boost of essential skin products to improve the results even more. This treatment will make your face shiny and rejuvenated in a fast and effective way and more importantly without the need to miss some of the festivities because of the long downtime.

Full Face Beautification treatment is an absolute must this holiday season. It will make your face youthful and vibrant again. This aesthetic procedure treats your face as a whole – it enhances your natural beauty by addressing your forehead, cheeks, lips, jaw and neck. You will get natural and yet dramatic results with the combination of laser, fillers, anti-wrinkle injectables and other skincare procedures. It restores your skin’s vitality that you might have lost with time and enriches and rejuvenates your facial features in a subtle way. Your facial contours and your complexions will appear smoother, fresh and revitalized. Prepare to look your best during the holiday season.



Yes, the Holiday season can be stressful -attending all the events, planning a Christmas party, buying presents for everyone. But with Lucia Clinic’s fantastic treatments, you can prepare yourself to look your best and to enjoy all the holiday fun. When the New Year comes your skin will still look glowing, healthy and refreshed.

This season we are feeling super festive and we want to spread the love with our specials.

This is just the introduction to Lucia Clinic’s holiday season specials.  During the whole festive period, we have prepared special surprises for all readers and potential clients. Stay tuned, and follow all our announcements – we are sure that we can offer you treatments that will fulfill your aesthetic goals this holiday season.