Plastic surgery and positive impact on emotional aspect

We all have a self-image or a perception of how we look to other people. When you are happy with your perception, you feel self-confident and comfortable in social interactions. On the other hand, if you have a negative self-image, you may become self-conscious and less comfortable when interacting with others.

Plastic surgery can help you develop a more positive self-image if you belong to this other group. It has helped so many celebrities but also people out of the limelight to boost their confidence -a small enhancement on the outside can have a dramatic change on the inside. Once you turn your negative self-image into a positive one with the help of plastic surgery, you can truly transform.
But before you schedule your plastic surgery, it’s very important to clearly understand how the procedure may make you feel.

That’s why you need to consult with a highly skilled plastic surgeon, like Lucia’s surgeons, who will help you get a clear picture of your procedure. Understanding all bits and pieces enables you to prepare better. When you know what plastic surgery involves, you will recover much faster and cope with the emotional stress. And then the true magic happens – once your recovery is over, your self-confidence flourishes. You can finally feel the positive outcomes of your plastic surgery – improved self-image.
Here are some tips on how to prepare for plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery can be stressful. Especially if you have a stressful daily routine. So, a good idea is to time your surgery when you aren’t under significant physical or emotional stress, like your vacation. This way your recovery will be much faster and more successful – you can
enjoy the outcomes sooner.
At Lucia Clinic, we ensure your surgery is a smooth and stress-free as possible with the highest standard of pre and post care.


This could take a while. You need to fully recover from the surgery and emotionally adjust to the change. Especially if the surgery has dramatically changed your body image. These surgeries include breast augmentation or nose job – you need to accept your new body and get used to your reflection in the mirror. Then your positive emotional transformation can start – you feel significantly more confident and revived.


It’s important to have someone by your side to support you both in emotional and physical aspects. This goes for before the surgery and during your recovery. Your plastic surgeon will be there for you to guide you through every step of the surgery and give you advice on how to recover faster and better. Surround yourself with people who will support your decision to have plastic surgery – they will help you feel empowered. Avoid relatives or friends who will say stuff like “you don’t need surgery” or “you looked better before”. Such comments can lead you into doubting your decision and prolong your recovery in the emotional aspect. Rely on the people who are there for you and who will help you focus on the reasons you actually decided to have plastic surgery.


While you are recovering and waiting for the final outcomes, you may get impatient and nervous. This happens at the early stage while you still need to rest and stay in bed. But the moment your physical strength returns, you can go for a short walk, meet with friends and enjoy light activities around the house. This will significantly lift your mood and you will recover faster. Then when the final outcomes are there, you will be more than happy and satisfied. And ready to enjoy your new and improved body image.

Remember that everyone has a different post-surgery recovery experience. That’s why it’s essential to prepare as much as you can beforehand and do things that will help you overcome recovery faster and more effectively. Together with Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons and your support group, your plastic surgery can be a positive and transformative journey.


Plastic surgery has a fantastic ability to transform not only your physical appearance but also your emotional perception. Once you see the final outcomes you no longer have those insecurities that have been holding you down your whole life. When you look in the mirror, you don’t see your flaws anymore – you see a confident, radiant person. Your self-perception changes from negative to positive and this greatly helps you to rediscover yourself and feel empowered.

Here are some positive impacts of plastic surgery.


This is perhaps one of the most mentioned benefits of plastic surgery. After plastic surgery, you feel more satisfied with your appearance which positively influences your entire well-being. You finally open the door of freedom and empowerment. Once you overcome your physical limitations, you rediscover and accept your true self. This helps you to grow as a person and finally enjoy your positive body image.


This is another huge benefit of plastic surgery regarding the emotional aspect. When you are happy and satisfied with your appearance, your confidence rises in every aspect of your life. You feel more comfortable in social interactions or your professional life. You feel great in your skin and that mirrors in all areas of your life. You appear self-assured in all your venture, social or professional. Once you overcome self-doubt you radiate with confidence and finally feel complete. This can really positively transform your life – all thanks to your plastic surgery.


This benefit is connected to the previous one – plastic surgery can help improve your emotional health and thus increase your self-confidence. You open the doors to endless social and professional opportunities. Once you move your focus from dissatisfaction with your body image to your life, you prosper more and reach your full potential. Plastic surgery can really be one of the most powerful tools that lead to improved quality of life.


That’s another impact plastic surgery can have on your physical and emotional life. Once you see the results of your liposuction or Tummy tuck surgery and finally feel great in your body, you are inspired to keep that body forever. Continuing or adopting healthy lifestyle habits, like exercise or proper diet, will be beneficial for your health, body and entire well-being. If you for example had breast reduction surgery, it will help you become more active in life and contribute to your healthy emotional state.


This benefit connects you to the community and other individuals who promote positive body image and self-care through plastic surgery. You help break down the stigma about plastic surgery and promote it as a safe and effective way of becoming the better version of yourself. One of the most important concepts that plastic surgery promotes is that everyone is unique and has different aesthetic goals and concerns.

It’s not about creating the ideal beauty with plastic surgery. It’s about getting a customized plastic surgery plan that works only for you. That’s how you manage to enhance your body features and make improvements that restore your body’s balance and harmony. There isn’t one size that fits everybody – each plastic surgery is unique.

You will understand this after a thorough consultation with Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons. They value the individuality of each patient and use their skills and creativity to create a bespoke treatment plan for every client. That’s the only way to expect exceptional outcomes that will contribute to your entire well-being.


Today, there are numerous advanced plastic surgery techniques that shorten your recovery and bring you outstanding results. When performed by board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons, these plastic surgeries significantly impact your emotional well-being and boost your confidence.
These are just some of them.
Rhinoplasty or nose job can resize or reshape your nose and make it more aesthetically pleasing. You can make your nose smaller, less crooked and better shaped. This plastic surgery restores the balance of your face and makes it more harmonious. Also, rhinoplasty can solve the issue of deviated septum and improve your quality of life in the aspect of your health. Generally, after rhinoplasty, your emotional well-being is enhanced because you no longer feel self-conscious about your nose.
 Breast augmentation can increase the size of your breasts with silicone implants or fat grafting. This surgery makes your breasts rounder, better shaped and in harmony with the rest of your body. Your entire figure looks more proportionate. This plastic surgery gives you an instant boost in self-confidence because you feel more feminine and you increase your self-esteem. You can finally wear more flattering clothes and be satisfied with your decolletage. It’s just important to remember that less is more in this case – during your consultation, Lucia’s plastic surgeons can recommend the best size and shape of breast implants according to your anatomy and aesthetic goals. Having this surgery done by an expert plastic surgeon goes a long way regarding your final outcomes.
 Gynecomastia surgery is reserved for men. This plastic surgery can really help men boost their confidence by restoring their masculine look. Once they see the final outcomes – chiseled and masculine chest, men feel more attractive and ready to improve their social and professional life. This surgery really has a positive impact on men’s emotional life, because they finally feel and look like men.

Liposuction is a brilliant plastic surgery that can make your body into a work of art. If you struggle with fat deposits that simply won’t melt no matter how much you exercise or keep a proper diet, Liposuction will contour these body areas as you’ve always wanted. You can slim and tone your abdomen, thighs or legs and finally feel more confident about your appearance. Some new and advanced techniques of liposuction significantly reduce the recovery period. One is Tumescent lipo which is done under local anesthesia and is perfect for smaller fat deposits. Again it’s important to have this surgery done by experienced plastic surgeons. Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons understand the differences in male and female anatomy. With liposuction, they help their male patients to keep their masculinity by eliminating fat deposits from their abdomen and slimming their waist for that perfect reversed triangular upper body shape. For female patients, they slim the waist but in a way that it matches the other body contours in a perfect hourglass shape. So, when having your liposuction done by skilled and creative plastic surgeons, you can expect great final outcomes that will put your body into harmony, boost your self-confidence and significantly improve your self-image.
In the end, deciding to have plastic surgery isn’t easy. But with the right support from your plastic surgeon, realistic expectations and proper recovery, plastic surgery can open you a whole new realm of self-confidence, body acceptance and body image. All this can have a positive impact on your entire well-being.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re interested in finding out how plastic surgery can transform your life by improving your body image, schedule a consultation with Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons.