Best injectable and non-injectable treatments for Gen Z - learn the benefits of Lucia Clinic’s treatments for skin concerns, beauty regime and prejuvenation.

If you were born between 1997 and 2012 congrats – you belong to Z generation. And your generation is awesome – you are open-minded, well-informed and ready to upgrade your beauty routine. You live in a perfect time for that because the world of aesthetic treatments has never been more advanced and mainstream. It’s becoming a norm to have injectable or non- injectable aesthetic treatment. And your generation brought in a new term – prejuvenation.
And having a powerful sidekick, the Internet, definitely helps you to dive into the world of beauty treatments easily and fearlessly. This gives you a sense of empowerment because you educate yourself way before you decide to have an aesthetic treatment. You can research the procedure, learn about the side effects and possible risks and read other people’s stories about the outcomes. You may even dive into the science behind the aesthetic treatments – you just want to know all bits and pieces about it.
Even though turning to online reviews, testimonials and before and after photos, is an excellent source of knowledge it can’t really help you to realistically value the authority and expertise of the chosen aesthetic dermatologists. This is where the Internet can give you only a partial sense of understanding the skill, ethics and professionalism of beauty treatment providers.
So, what is the best scenario for you? Learn everything you need about the aesthetic treatment and be clear about your aesthetic goal. Then go to a consultation with experienced aesthetic dermatologists, who will not present themselves as the ultimate authority, but rather establish an open collaborative relationship with you based on mutual trust and understanding. This way you will get what you actually desire – controlling the way you age and doing your best to modulate it either with injectable or non-injectable treatments.

Lucia Clinics skin therapists and dermatologists understand how your generation is different from the generation before you. They follow the trends but also set the trends and advocate for natural-looking results and a holistic approach to aesthetic treatments. Also, it’s very clear to them that Generation Z isn’t afraid to challenge ideals of beauty – they respect the notion that you want to make small enhancements to your natural beauty and not entirely change your appearance just to fit into some short-term beauty standard.
Knowing all this about Lucia Clinic’s team definitely helps you to feel less anxious about your aesthetic treatment especially if you are a first-timer.


Generation Z is also primarily concerned about skin complexion – they want to minimize pores, acne scars and other skin blemishes. Here the best non-injectable treatments are Lucia’s chemical peels, laser therapies and microneedling.
Also, to keep their skin smooth, Gen Z turns to advanced non-injectable treatments like Lucia’s Morpheus8. This treatment boosts collagen and makes the skin bright and shiny.


Again this is the most important step – this is where you find out which non-injectable treatment will bring you the desired results.
If your skin concerns include large pores, pigmentation, acne and other scars and uneven skin texture laser therapies like Lucia’s Alma Hybrid are an excellent solution. This advanced treatment offers you the ultimate customization – every parameter can be set to address your concerns. It is a perfect combo of ablation for skin resurfacing and non-ablation for collagen boosting. Plus it nourishes your skin with important nutrients.
Chemical peels are also effective for these skin issues and during a consultation with Lucia’s skin expert, you can find out which chemical peel solution is best for your skin type and tone. Lucia Clinic offers only the best quality chemical peel solutions which effectively reduce your skin blemishes.
Lucia Clinic’s Microneedling is an advanced minimally invasive treatment that brings your skin texture to perfection. It involves using a handheld device called Dermapen which has a tip with microneedles. These microneedles create micro-wounds in your targeted area that trigger your skin healing processes and help reduce acne and other scars, pigmentation and fine lines.

During your consultation, Lucia’s skin specialist determine if this treatment will be effective for you and if yes how many sessions you need.
Finally, Lucia’s Morpheus8 is a brilliant skin texture improvement treatment and it is creating a lot of buzz. It uses a powerful combo of micro-needling and RF energy to even out your skin texture. Your skin therapist will carefully examine your skin to determine if this treatment is suitable for your skin concerns.


Before your non-injectable treatment, your dermatologist prepares your facial skin by cleansing it carefully. Each non-injectable treatment is different:
Before Alma Hybrid, the dermatologist applies a topical numbing cream to your face to ease the discomfort. And you get special protective eyewear since it’s a laser treatment.
Before Lucia’s chemical peeling, your dermatologist cleans your face carefully to remove makeup or other impurities.
Preparations for Lucia’s Microneedling include cleaning your facial skin and applying the proper solution.
Finally for Morpheus8, the dermatologist first applies a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort during the treatment.


When Alma Hybrid starts, your dermatologist places the applicator on the targeted area and emits the laser energy. Then the applicator is moved to the next area in a stamping motion and so on until the whole targeted area is covered. In the end, the therapist fuses your skin with essential skin products to boost the results even further.
Your chemical peel treatment starts with the proper chemical solution which is applied to your skin and left for a certain amount of time. Then the dermatologist removes the solution and takes the next step according to the type of chemical peel.
Micro-needling is quite straightforward. The skin therapist moves the Dermapen applicator in stamp-like motions across your targeted areas and creates tiny wounds in your skin.
Finally, the Morpheus8 treatment starts when your dermatologist presses the applicator to your skin and delivers safe RF energy to the proper underlying skin layers. The procedure is repeated until your entire treatment area is covered.


Post-treatment aftercare is very important for the best results.
After Alma Hybrid you may experience mild redness and swelling but the therapist can adjust the intensity of the treatment to suit your comfort level. That’s why the downtime is minimal. You will need a few sessions to achieve your aesthetic goals – smooth and evenly toned skin. Chemical peels require proper aftercare which includes using a homecare kit. Your dermatologist will advise you on how to care for your skin after the treatment. You may expect your skin to slowly peel off and exfoliate and gradually reveal smooth, clear and healthy skin.
After micro-needling, you may experience mild redness and swelling which should stop after a few hours. Just remember to stay hydrated and avoid sun exposure. The results include smooth and even skin after a couple of weeks.
After Morpheus8 you may experience redness, swelling and tenderness to the touch. Avoid using makeup and other products for the first 24 hours. After that use a high SPF when going outside. You will see the first results after a couple of days. The results gradually improve as the collagen builds up under your skin. The best results are visible after 3 weeks. For all non-injectable treatments, there is minimal to no downtime. But the results are outstanding – you may expect your skin to be smooth, clear and free of skin blemishes.


Okay, let’s start with injectable aesthetic treatments you are considering for your prejuvenation.

Lucia Clinic’s BOTOX and Dermal fillers are the two treatments best for the tweakments you are looking for. They are not anti-aging for you but rather regular skin maintenance treatments. They bring you endless possibilities for customization and can emphasize your natural facial features. But, for all these to work and bring you desired results, you need to meet with an experienced dermatologist who will guide you through the entire treatment protocol.
Generally, the decision to start Botox or dermal fillers depends on individual factors like skin type, lifestyle, and aesthetic goals. Some start in their early 20s as a preventive measure, others in their 30s or 40s when signs of aging become more visible. During your consultation, you will find out the best time for you.


That’s the first step. That’s when you actually meet with your aesthetic dermatologist. He/she carefully examines your skin and asks you about your medical history. Here you need to be completely honest and share every detail. Also, you need to be open about your aesthetic goals – what you want to achieve with injectables.
If you want to prevent expression lines, which start to appear in the late and early 30s, then Lucia’s baby BOTOX is your thing. It won’t give you a frozen doll effect, because Lucia’s team knows that this trend is long gone. Baby BOTOX keeps all your facial expressions – it only relaxes your facial muscles just enough to prevent them from creating expression lines like Frown lines, Crow’s feet or forehead lines. On the other hand, if you are bothered by thin or asymmetrical lips, then Lucia’s Dermal fillers are a great choice. They instantly add more volume to your lips with hyaluronic acid – it attracts water and makes your lips plumper and voluptuous. Again, less is more here and natural- looking results are your final outcome. Trout pout or duck faces are long gone. With dermal fillers, you will enhance your lips and make them more prominent but don’t go overboard.
Anyway, as we said, together with Lucia Clinic’s specialists you can create a customized treatment plan that includes injecting areas, amount of the product and number of sessions. Having a thorough consultation is the only way you will be sure that the results will be excellent and exactly as you wanted them.
Finally, your aesthetic dermatologist will give you some important recommendations on how to prepare for the treatment. These recommendations may include staying hydrated and avoiding certain medications, like Aspirin. This greatly reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects like excessive bruising and swelling.


On the day of your treatment, you should come without makeup or other skincare products. Your dermatologist carefully cleans your facial skin and applies a numbing cream if necessary to ease the discomfort. You shouldn’t worry about the pain because injectable products have pain-minimizing agents in them. Then you are ready for the treatment.


Your doctor injects the product very carefully with fine needles which you almost don’t even feel. That’s all thanks to the expert hands of Lucia’s skin specialists. If you are having baby BOTOX, the doctor injects only small amounts of product into predetermined areas – around your eyes or your forehead. The treatment is super fast and can be finished in less than 15 minutes.
If you are having Dermal fillers, the doctor carefully injects the product in the targeted area, for example, your lips. Dermal fillers instantly make your lips more symmetrical or voluminous. It’s also a quick treatment that gives you visible results right away.


After BOTOX there is no downtime – you can continue with your daily routine. Just steer clear of strenuous exercise. Also don’t massage the injected spots or lie flat for a few hours – this may cause BOTOX to migrate and you won’t get the expected results. You can freely apply makeup right after the treatment and return to work for example. If you do develop side effects like bruising, redness or swelling, they should resolve after a couple of hours.
After a couple of days – the magic of BOTOX happens. Your skin is smooth and youthful, without lines. Plus you still can make all your facial expressions and look like yourself – only a bit rejuvenated and enhanced.
After Dermal fillers, you can go back to your daily routine, since there is no downtime. It’s a perfect treatment to fit into your lunch break. Side effects are minimal – you may develop slight bruising, redness or swelling but it should all pass in a couple of days. Just avoid sun exposure, strenuous exercise and makeup for 24 hours after the treatment. As we said, the results are instant and you usually need only one session to reach your aesthetic goals – fuller, plumper or more symmetrical lips.

So, Gen Z have you decided which treatment will you try first? For more information visit Lucia Clinic and schedule your consultation with the best dermatologists and skin specialists.