Aesthetic cocktails are a new trend and standard in skincare - find out which combination of aesthetic treatments will take your skincare to a whole new level.

At Lucia Clinic, we understand that no two patients are the same. A one-size-fits-all has never been our approach and standard. Whether it’s for anti-aging or body sculpting treatments, it’s not unusual for our clients to want to solve different concerns. These concerns can be wrinkles and fine lines, volume loss and pigmentation. Or some clients want to address saggy skin and stubborn fat pockets at the same time.

A single treatment can do a lot for your skin concerns but can’t solve them all. For example, dermal fillers are great for restoring the volume of your facial features, but they cannot eliminate sun spots. So, what’s the solution? A combination therapy or cocktail of treatments! This skincare approach offers you endless possibilities and brilliant results. The best part – you get your own personalized treatment plan, tailored according to your needs and aesthetic goals. Our experienced doctors are experts in their fields and use the latest techniques and the highest-quality products to provide you with the best possible results.

Why should you consider the “aesthetic cocktail” approach?

Well, there are numerous benefits of this approach to your skincare. You can get a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Or you can achieve significantly improved skin texture, by effectively reducing acne scars or other blemishes that don’t allow your skin to be radiant. Combined treatments really complement each other and enhance the results of every individual procedure. You can address different skin concerns at the same time and finally get your skin to look as you have always desired.  Plus, with your customized aesthetic cocktail you can achieve long-lasting results. You will finally be able to enjoy your radiant, rejuvenated and refreshed skin for a long time.

Another benefit of combined treatment therapy reduces your costs and recovery time. This is great for you especially if you can’t take a lot of time off work or you simply don’t want to spend a lot of time on downtime. When you get an aesthetic cocktail of treatments you reduce the overall recovery and downtime. It’s much shorter to recover from 2 simultaneous treatments than 2 separate procedures.  Plus, it saves you the hassle of going to the clinic many times. Also, combining more treatments at the same time can be cost-effective – you can save money on travel expenses, multiple consultations with your skin therapist and other costs.

Finally, the aesthetic cocktail is safe and effective. Of course, when they are performed by qualified and experienced dermatologists and skin specialists, like us at Lucia Clinic. With combined treatments, we can guarantee that you will achieve the desired results. With a bespoke treatment plan, all the side effects that come after individual treatments are minimized. So, what’s in it for you? Highest-quality results achieved in a safe environment.

What are the best aesthetic cocktails?

Alma Hybrid & Chemical peels

This powerful aesthetic cocktail can significantly improve your skin – from the inside out. These two aesthetic procedures eliminate dead skin cells and trigger the production of collagen which in turn makes your skin beautiful, radiant and healthy-looking.

Alma Hybrid is a super advanced skin rejuvenation treatment – it is so much more than a fractional laser. It is truly unique. Its secret is a perfect combo of ablative and non-ablative energies that complement each other effectively. The best part is that your treatment can be fully customized to treat your skin concern – every single parameter can be set up to suit your needs. This guarantees that you will be more than happy with the results and your downtime will be significantly shorter. This ultimate skin resurfacing treatment reduces wrinkles and fine lines, hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Your skin tone and texture become beautifully even.

On the other hand, chemical peels contain special solutions that are applied to your skin. A perfect combo with Alma Hybrid is a Meladeep chemical peel mask. It effectively eliminates melanin hyperpigmentation and can also reduce large pores. Forget about dull-looking skin! After this skin exfoliating treatment, your skin will be healthy-looking, rejuvenated and smooth. If you have issues with seborrheic skin, this advanced chemical peel will solve it. Your skin tone and texture will be refreshed, clear and beautiful.

So, if you have always dreamed of beautiful and glowing skin, this aesthetic cocktail will definitely achieve that.

ClearSkin and Chemical peels

If your skin concerns include acne, this powerful combo will work for you like a charm. Again, the special chemical solution is applied to the surface layer of your skin to improve its appearance. For example ClearSkin – a groundbreaking treatment that uses laser and vacuum technology to treat acne. It is only minimally uncomfortable because it has an integrated cooling system. During the treatment, the laser gets rid of dead skin cells, excess sebum and bacteria. These are the three biggest causes of acne breakouts. The vacuum gently unclogs the congestion. ClearSkin also stimulates the production of collagen which additionally improves the quality of your skin.
To enhance the results even more, we offer advanced and super-effective Peel Off Mask which treats acne and seborrheic skin and unclogs the congestions. It also prevents acne breakouts and kills the bacteria that cause acne. After about a week, once the surface layer has peeled off, your skin looks, clear, healthy and smooth.
The results of this aesthetic cocktail are long-lasting – look forward to having clear, healthy and smooth skin.

Secret RF & PRP

If your aesthetic goal is skin lifting, firming and rejuvenation that this combo will work flawlessly. Secret fractional RF micro-needling micro-needling treatment is a perfect treatment for returning your skin youthful appearance. It emits controlled and safe RF energy into different depths of your skin through micro-wounds, created by micro-needling. The energy heats the layers in your skin and triggers collagen production. Gradually, your skin remodels and reduces aging signs. It appears firmer, better structured and younger.

For even better and faster results, PRP therapy (aka vampire facial) will additionally reverse your aging signs and improve your sun spots. This completely natural injectable treatment will boost the production of collagen and keep your skin deeply hydrated and nurtured. Your skin will become tighter and the hollow areas in your face will get plumper. PRP can even tackle the problems of acne and other scars and hyperpigmentation and effectively eliminate them. This is all because PRP triggers your body’s own healing processes and the growth of new and healthy skin cells.

These two treatments combined will bring you the results you have always dreamed of – healthy and youthful-looking skin. Plus, the results are long-lasting because PRP continues to stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration long after your treatment session.

Dermal Fillers & BOTOX

This is the best aesthetic cocktail for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles and restoring volume loss. Even though dermal fillers and BOTOX are both injectables, they target completely different skin concerns. BOTOX relaxes facial muscles that cause facial wrinkles with their constant contraction. Once you stop making these facial expressions your skin smooths out and wrinkles aren’t visible anymore. BOTOX is perfect for wrinkles on your forehead, frown lines and Crow’s feet in the outer corners of your eyes. But, getting BOTOX doesn’t mean that you’ll be left looking like a frozen doll. If you get a customized BOTOX treatment performed by our skilled doctors, you will still look like yourself and keep all your facial expressions. Your skin will just be smoother and youthful-looking.

You can boost the results of BOTOX with dermal fillers which also reduce fine lines to some extent but they are perfect for restoring the lost volume in your facial features. At Lucia Clinic you can get different types of dermal fillers, depending on your aesthetic goals. For example, if you want to make your lips fuller, more symmetrical and plumper, these dermal fillers will have softer consistency because you want your lips to look soft and natural. If you want to restore volume in your cheeks, temples, chin or tear troughs, these dermal fillers will have a thicker consistency because they need to keep your facial features nicely structured.

On the whole, this aesthetic cocktail can be fully customized to meet your aesthetic goals. It’s important to work closely with our doctors before these treatments – this guarantees that you’ll be happy with the results. Just remember that sometimes less is more – your end results are natural-looking and subtly enhanced skin and facial features. You will get a comprehensive facial rejuvenation and your customized BOTOX & dermal fillers treatment will provide a maximum impact for you.

Thermage FLX & Skin booster

If you are interested in ultimate skin rejuvenation, this aesthetic cocktail is the perfect solution for you. Thermage FLXis the fifth generation of non-invasive, laser skin-firming treatments. It emits safe RF energy to the underlying layers of your skin to boost the production of collagen and elastin which gradually make your skin tighter and more youthful-looking. It’s time to say goodbye to aging signs. Thermage FLX will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines on your face and neck. It can tighten the skin on your eyelids and eyebrows and give you the effect of a mild and natural-looking facelift. Also, this advanced treatment improves the volume of your facial features and improves the overall quality of your skin.

Skin booster treatments will boost the effects of Thermage FLX even further. They are super popular and super effective injectable solutions that everybody likes – they eliminate the signs of aging in a flash. We offer high-quality skin boosters that will solve all your skin concerns. For example, Juvederm skin booster is packed with hyaluronic acid and it deeply hydrates and nurtures your skin. Plus, it returns your skin’s elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It’s just perfect if you are looking for an effective antiaging treatment for early aging signs.

So, combining the super hydrating power of skin boosters with rejuvenating features of Thermage FLX will provide your skin with the ultimate anti-aging combo therapy.

Viora IPL & Profhilo

This awesome aesthetic cocktail will address two different skin concerns – Viora IPL light therapy eliminates sun and age spots and other discolorations in your skin, while Profhilo injectable makes your skin smoother, tighter and more hydrated,.

Viora IPL is the leading treatment that targets hyperpigmentation through heat and light. It can eliminate acne, freckles, broken capillaries and other skin blemishes. This treatment will help you restore the beauty and balance of your skin. It’s non-invasive and targets only the affected areas – your healthy skin tissue is left undamaged. This makes it a very popular treatment because it requires minimal downtime. After this powerful pulsed light treatment, your body’s own healing processes are triggered to reduce the visibility of skin imperfection. Also, the production of collagen is boosted as well as new cell growth. All this significantly improves your skin texture, tone and overall quality.

Profhilo is the next generation of skin remodeling and anti-aging treatments. It’s a unique product that has stabilized hyaluronic acid without any chemical cross-linked agents. It can improve skin laxity, fill in wrinkles and fine lines and transform the look of your skin. Profhilo boosts the production of collagen and elastin in your skin and slowly releases hyaluronic acid to improve your skin’s tissue. It deeply hydrates your skin and also retains moisture – this way your looks refreshed and rejuvenated long after the treatment. Gradually your skin becomes tighter and more elastic as well as healthier-looking and rejuvenated.

Add Profhilo to Viora IPL and you will achieve your dream aesthetic goals – plump and rejuvenated skin, that is healthy and natural-looking.

Lucia Clinic – always at the forefront

Our range of specialists, from plastic surgeons to dermatologists, offer a wide range of aesthetic cocktails. We will assess your issues and create a highly personalized treatment plan that will include two or more treatments. These combined treatments work harmoniously together and enhance one another. This will bring you supreme results and take your skincare routine to a whole new level.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can create the ultimate aesthetic cocktail to help you achieve your desired look.