Thermage for face, treatment for inside-out rejuvenation - Firm the skin at deeper layers by stimulating collagen production with this non-invasive treatment.

Wrinkled face, loose jowls and sagging skin are a nightmare for any middle-aged. The jawline, lips and neck lose their definition with age. In addition to that, external factors such as pollution and sun damage play a big role in affecting our skin condition, specially on the face and neck area. Skin treatments work on just the surface but cannot improve the inner-layers of the skin. That’s when Thermage will work for you! Thermage is a non-invasive procedure that relies on radiofrequency (RF) technology to tighten your skin’s deeper layers. It stimulates the existing collagen growth and new collagen is produced over time that makes the skin look younger. Thermage has an FDA clearance which makes it an absolute safe procedure to go for. Thermage works for both men and women and works on all skin types and colours. It is usually preferred for people above age of 30 having mild to moderate skin laxity. But the ideal candidacy can be determined based on the examination of your skin by the dermatologist. The treatment lasts for an hour and patients usually feel warmth sensation on  during the treatment. Nonetheless it does not have any side effects which means you can get the treatment done during your office lunch hour. The improvement results of Thermage are visible quite immediately for few and take 1 to 6 months for 70-80% patients. Thermage requires no surgery, no injections, no anaesthesia and implies no downtime. It works wonders on sagging jawline and cheeks, giving smoother skin texture, reduced fine lines and rejuvenated skin. To know more about Thermage treatment for face, please contact us.