Lucia Clinic’s surgeons bust myths about plastic surgery - find out firsthand what plastic surgery really represents and how it fulfills your aesthetic goals.

When you talk to people about plastic surgery, you definitely hear a lot of different pros and cons about it. It is usually – I love it! My plastic surgeon is great! Or – No, thank you! You should accept who you are. All these reasons are valid, but it’s also something that you decide for yourself. You might also think that accepting your body is Okay, but a little tweaking would just make you more satisfied with the way you look.
Perhaps people around you who still aren’t for plastic surgery may have overlooked some super important and significant changes that happened in the field of plastic surgery. And these positive changes play an important role in the affirmation of plastic surgery.
Let’s bust some old myths about plastic surgery.

Myth #1 – People have plastic surgeries because they feel self-conscious.

Reality – A lot of people who had plastic surgeries simply wanted to fulfill their aesthetic goals which they couldn’t accomplish with a diet or fitness regime. So, having plastic surgery doesn’t mean that you are insecure – we all want to accentuate our best features and we do it with makeup, clothes or hairstyle.
Deciding to have plastic surgery means being open to new, positive changes. Some people have plastic surgery to get rid of some problem that has bothered them for years but we can’t immediately point at them and say they are self-conscious. For these people, solving their body concerns simply means feeling good in their bodies again.
So the bottom line is that after plastic surgery you should feel happier and more satisfied with how you look and not necessarily feel more confident.

Myth #2 – Plastic surgery isn’t for men.
Reality: This is so not true. Plastic surgery isn’t gender-specific. Actually, more and more men have plastic surgeries because they want to feel and look good. In fact, male plastic surgery is done in huge numbers and this number is constantly increasing. There are new techniques and approaches to plastic surgery that include a lot of options just for men. So, male plastic surgery is definitely no longer a taboo.
There is a huge list of plastic surgeries designed just for gents like gynecomastia surgery, pectorals enlargement, liposuction and fat grafting for male facial features enhancement.
The most important thing here is to find a plastic surgeon who is an expert in male plastic surgery and who will actually achieve the best results. This means that in hands of a skillful plastic surgeon, men won’t lose their masculinity. On the contrary, they will just enhance it.

Myth #3 – Plastic surgery is risky and not worth the trouble.

Reality: Plastic surgery is much safer now because of all the advancements in techniques and approaches. And the level of safety is constantly increasing. It’s all about meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will safely guide you during the process of having plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon carefully examines the body area you wish to enhance with plastic surgery and gives you tons of recommendations on how to prepare for the surgery and how to recover quickly afterward. Trusting your doctor and following all the recommendations keeps you on the safe side.
Regarding advancements in plastic surgery, there are new techniques that leave you with fewer side effects and allow you to be back on your feet very soon. For example, Tumescent Liposuction is performed with just local anesthesia – this is truly revolutionary. You get beautiful results and don’t spend a lot of time on recovery.

Myth #4 – People have plastic surgeries just for cosmetic reasons.

Reality: Many people have plastic surgery for therapeutic reasons also. Just remember how many women have improved the appearance of their breasts after breast cancer. Silicone implants help with the correction of asymmetry and shape and are not just used for enhancement of the breast size. This plastic surgery is actually used for reconstructive purposes and helps women feel good in their bodies again.
Another example is functional rhinoplasty. Some people are born with nasal deformities that don’t let them breathe properly. So plastic surgery can resolve this issue or make their noses more symmetrical. The bottom line is that a “nose job” doesn’t have to be performed just for cosmetic reasons but the end result definitely contributes to better facial proportions.
Or think about Tummy Tuck plastic surgery. It is definitely a procedure that has both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. It resolves the issue of diastasis recti or separated abdominal muscles. Many female patients suffer from this condition after pregnancy so having a chance to return their abdomens to their pre-baby appearance really helps them feel great in their bodies. This feeling is truly precious.
In the end, considering if plastic surgery is something that you really need is up to you. Just remember that many people who had plastic surgery just for aesthetic reasons later realized how it was a life-changing experience for them.

Myth #5 – Plastic surgery like liposuction promotes the fact that only a slimmer body is attractive.

Reality: Plastic surgeries are not about luring you into unrealistic expectations. Nor do plastic surgeons believe that slim contours are trendy – they don’t even think about that. Plastic surgeons want to give you results that you will be satisfied with and that will match the proportions of the rest of your body. We are all different and our beauty comes in all body types.
Remember BBL or Brazillian Butt lift plastic surgery? It is used to add volume to the buttocks. This innovative approach to plastic surgery actually makes you more curvaceous. The first part of this plastic surgery includes liposuction or extracting extra fat from for example abdomen and then transferring it to the buttocks. Liposuction does make your waist and abdomen slimmer but it also makes your buttocks plumper. But it’s all in natural results – the BBL procedure actually makes you look better-proportioned. So it’s not all about making patients look slimmer, but making them more ideally proportioned but only to the extent that they desire.

Myth #6 – Plastic surgery makes you look fake.

Reality: Real plastic surgeons want to bring you natural-looking results with plastic surgery and not make it too obvious that you had some tweaking. There aren’t cookie-cutter results that work for everyone. So don’t think that a button nose for rhinoplasty or a pillow face for facelift is a set goal for these plastic surgeries.
A good plastic surgeon creates a customized procedure plan that will bring the results that you desire. Every plastic surgery is different and unique for every patient. It doesn’t start or end with the doctor who imposes the results on you but it starts with a consultation where you discuss with your plastic surgeon about your anatomy, proportions and aesthetic goals.
You can check the before and after photos with your surgeon just to be sure that you see eye to eye about the results. In many cases, women who want breast augmentation surgery, end up with implants that give them less projection because they look more natural – and it’s always the best choice. So a really good plastic surgeon will guide you through the whole process safely, advise you on how to heal properly and finally give you the results that you wanted and that are in harmony with the rest of your features.

Myth #7 – liposuction doesn’t remove fat forever

Reality: yes it does. Fat doesn’t return after this plastic surgery. Liposuction extracts fat cells from the area where there is an excess amount of them and they can’t grow back. That’s the beauty of liposuction – it permanently frees you from unattractive fat bulges in your abdomen, thighs, arms or chin. However, after this plastic surgery, it’s imperative that you keep a steady weight, exercise regularly and eat a proper diet. This way you will prevent new fat cells from growing around the treated area and keep your slimmer contours for a long time.

Myth #8 – Breast implants aren’t safe and long-lasting.

Reality: Yes, they are. There are new generations of silicone breast implants that are very safe and last longer than 10 years. According to studies, breast implants don’t increase the risk of breast cancer, but you still need to have breast examinations after you get them.
Also, there is a general belief that breast implants stop lactation and prevent breastfeeding. This can’t be said for sure because if a woman gets implants before she had a baby and tried breastfeeding, chances are that she can’t breastfeed even without the implants. Other women who had breastfed their babies without any trouble before implants, will be able to do it also after they get implants. Breast implants don’t interfere with lactating glands and can be placed in a way that they don’t interfere with breastfeeding. It’s all about timing your breast augmentation surgery. If you are planning a family after getting breast implants, it’s best to consult your plastic surgeon about breastfeeding.

Myth #9 – Plastic surgery leaves you with unsightly scars.

Reality: you are left with scars because it’s impossible not to have scars after surgical procedures, but they are strategically hidden and aren’t visible. This is where the expertise and artistry of a real plastic surgeon come into the spotlight – the success of plastic surgery is measured by the ability to hide the scars.
A skilled plastic surgeon will choose the location for the incisions in the natural creases in your skin or in some unnoticeable area that will hide the scars. Also, the surgeon will choose the best technique for closing the incisions which also results in less visible scars. After your incisions have fully healed, you can use proper creams that will make your scars even less visible. Your plastic surgeon will advise you on this also.
So, even though plastic surgery involves making incisions in your skin, a real plastic surgeon makes elegant improvements to the body area of your concern – it doesn’t need to be noticed by other people.

Myth #10 – Plastic surgery is just for the rich and famous

Reality: Since the technology and new approaches to plastic surgery are constantly developing, a lot of plastic surgeries have become less invasive and therefore less expensive. So nowadays plastic surgeries are very much available for average people. Also, there are numerous financing options that can be agreed upon between the patient and the clinic.
So you don’t have to be a VIP to get plastic surgery. Simply talk to your plastic surgeon about the best-paying options that work for you.

Myth #11 –  You are not a feminist if you have plastic surgery.

Reality: let’s say right away that having plastic surgery isn’t about becoming more appealing to the opposite sex. It’s about making your own choice to improve your looks. So, people shouldn’t judge you because of that. It’s not about rating someone based just on how they want to look. There are so many other things that are more important when we are creating an opinion about somebody.
So, deciding to have plastic surgery is your and only your decision. And you do it for yourself and nobody else. You can have different reasons for it, but in the end, having plastic surgery will make you feel good about yourself and not others.


Lucia Clinic’s plastic surgeons put your safety and satisfaction with the results in first place. They are highly skilled and can advise you on the best plastic surgery that will fulfill your aesthetic goals. With new advanced technologies and innovative approaches to plastic surgery, Lucia’s surgeons will make your plastic surgery a life-changing experience.