6 important facts about plastic surgery to think about - before meeting with your plastic surgeon, read about plastic surgery and get some questions answered.

Interest in plastic surgery is definitely on the rise. Both men and women are getting plastic surgeries to rejuvenate their faces or get rid of stubborn fat pockets. Plastic surgeries like Tummy tucks or Mommy makeovers have never been more attractive – and not just for celebrities and VIPs. It’s because plastic surgery techniques have advanced so much that they can help you transform your body with minimal risk, shorter recovery and excellent outcomes.

But, still, plastic surgery is an extensive procedure and there are a few things to consider before you decide to get some nip and tuck.


1.    Your goals – what do you hope to achieve with plastic surgery?

This is an important step that will help you get closer to your final decision. Understanding your goals will make your journey toward transformation easier and well – with minimal unpleasant surprises.

You just need to ask yourself – do I want to restore my youthful appearance? That’s a good goal and reason to have plastic surgery. Here, your worst enemies, aging and gravity, can easily be stopped or better to say – slowed down. There are numerous plastic surgeries, like facelift, eyelid lift, full face rejuvenation with fat grafting, and others that can help you defy gravity and take at least 10 years off your face. Or you can get a breast lift or tummy tuck plastic surgery that will restore your perkiness and rejuvenate your figure.

You can also ask yourself – will plastic surgery help me with my physical discomfort? Honestly – it will. So, getting a nose job to deal with deviated septum or breast reduction, to resolve back pain are also great goals and reasons for having plastic surgery. You will get additional aesthetic benefits from a nose job because your nose will look more harmonious with the rest of your face. Or after breast reduction surgery, your quality of life will greatly improve – you will be able to play sports without worrying that your large breasts will be in the way.

Or simply, your goal can be boosting your confidence. Plastic surgeries like breast augmentation or chest enlargement help men and women enjoy their better proportionate figures and so feel more confident in their clothes, social interaction, business opportunities and so on.

What’s most important when thinking about your goals is, to be honest with yourself and decide to have plastic surgery for your own reasons – not because everyone in Hollywood is doing it.


2. The procedure –  Research the specific plastic surgery you’re interested in

You know the saying – if you want to have it done right, do it yourself! This can apply when deciding to have plastic surgery. You pay attention to every single detail when you are planning a vacation, for example. You definitely won’t agree to take a trip to some mysterious place without checking it out first. Having plastic surgery is not something you should rush into – you really need to do your homework and research the procedure.

This way you minimize unpleasant and dissatisfying outcomes. After having plastic surgery, it’s not so exciting when you have an unexpected twist. When you know beforehand, what you are getting into, it helps you feel in control. And also you will know what to expect regarding possible risks or side effects.

Researching the plastic surgery you want to have will help you understand your surgeon better. It won’t be like you are listening to some foreign language – learning the terms will make you feel confident to ask your surgeon about the facts that you still don’t understand completely. Once all these questions are answered, you will be able to create a clear picture of your plastic surgery – what it involves, what are its final outcomes, whether there are any risks, and whether it is the right plastic surgery for you.


3. The surgeon – Choose a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon who you feel comfortable with

This is connected to the previous tip – when you research the procedure you will research the plastic surgeon. When you discuss every little detail with the potential plastic surgeon, and he/she talks to you patiently, skilfully and with a lot of empathy, then you know you have hit the jackpot. That’s the right plastic surgeon for you. Having plastic surgery is all about you – your aesthetic goals and expectations. You are in the spotlight. Your plastic surgeon needs to make you feel like that – like a VIP.

It goes without saying, that the right plastic surgeon needs to be Board-certified, skilled and experienced in performing the plastic surgery you are interested in. So, feel free to ask about the surgeon’s credentials and check some B/A photos.

But, most importantly, you need to feel comfortable around your plastic surgeon. Remember – you need to share some pretty intimate details about yourself so being totally open with your surgeon guarantees good collaboration and excellent final results.

Finally, it’s important to be on the same page with your surgeon. You may have some expectations that are not completely achievable with the plastic surgery you had in mind. Your surgeon needs to tell you this honestly but also try to find an alternative surgery that will bring you desired results. So, the surgeon’s expertise is also shown in his/her creativity. Developing a customized treatment plan that will make you happy with the results, is a trait of a great plastic surgeon.


4. The recovery process – Understand what the recovery process will be like

As with any other surgery, your body will need to heal after plastic surgery. So, prepare a lot of pillows, ice packs, snacks, books, and movies. The more you relax, the better your body heals and rejuvenates. It’s super important to have somebody drive you home after the surgery and stay with you for the first couple of days. You will definitely feel better if you have a helping hand.

Depending on the plastic surgery you had, the recovery period can last between 6 to 8 weeks. But if for example, you had Tumescent lipo, which can be performed under local anesthesia, you are back on your feet in two days and can return to work in a week. For other types of liposuction, you may need to rest a bit longer.

For some less extensive procedures like an Eyelid lift, you can go back to work after 1 to 2 weeks. But if you are thinking about a Brazilian Butt lift, then prepare to relax and do only some light activities for at least 6 weeks.

Anyway, your plastic surgeon will explain carefully what the recovery protocol looks like, and it’s important to follow all his/her recommendations. This guarantees faster and proper healing and great results.

Now, since it’s the holiday season, you are probably wondering how soon you can travel or enjoy the sun after plastic surgery. Well, your surgeon will probably tell you to stay grounded for at least 2 weeks after your plastic surgery. Traveling sooner may cause some unwanted side effects like prolonged swelling – you definitely don’t want that. Plus you may feel uncomfortable sitting for too long, so it’s best to time your holiday at least a month after your surgery. But, then again, it’s best to consult your surgeon about your traveling ventures.

Regarding sun exposure, it’s best to wait for at least 2 weeks. Your skin around the incisions will be sensitive after plastic surgery, so the sun can cause swelling and changes in pigmentation. This is not promising when you think about your final results. So, be patient and wait until your skin has fully healed to enjoy the sun. And never forget to apply a high SPF when you go out. This will additionally keep your skin safe.

In the end, think about your recovery period as a serious self-love time. Just relax and do the things that you like – you will heal faster and get the best possible final results.


5. Realistic expectations – Know what final outcomes to expect from your plastic surgery

If you have already read something about plastic surgery, you have definitely stumbled across one important fact – the typical reason for dissatisfaction with the final results is unrealistic expectations. Someone had plastic surgery thinking that it would give him/her a benefit, which it actually didn’t.

As already mentioned, deciding to have plastic surgery is subjective and this can easily lead you into unrealistic expectations. Sometimes it happens that people have the surgery for the wrong reasons – their friend had breast augmentation or chest enlargement and they look great, or they think that a facelift will change their life. Or perhaps the worst reason is – I’d be perfect with a slightly smaller nose.

So, it’s better to go in a different direction when you are deciding to have plastic surgery. Your surgeon will agree with you if you say things like – I want to look younger because I feel young, I don’t want to look tired or stressed anymore, I am ready for some improvements to my appearance. These are realistic expectations and guarantee satisfaction with the final outcomes. The bottom life is that plastic surgery can’t really change your life but it can improve it in a way of boosting self-confidence and feeling happy in your own skin.

Another unrealistic expectation is that plastic surgery has no risks or that the healing procedure doesn’t cause any discomfort. Every surgery carries a certain amount of risk and it helps you prepare better if you know every possible risk in advance. But, the good thing is that plastic surgery is so advanced today, that the risks are minimal or non-existent.

It will be easier for you to accept realistic expectations from your plastic surgery if you are completely open with your surgeon and if your surgeon is completely honest with you. An honest and real plastic surgeon will tell you that a facelift will take 10 years off your face, but it won’t make you look like you are 20 again. Liposuction will nicely contour your thighs or abdomen but you will need to keep the results with a regular fitness regime and proper diet.

If you are able to understand and accept these realistic expectations, you are one step closer to being a good candidate for plastic surgery and being satisfied with the final results.


6. Your health – good overall health makes you a suitable candidate for plastic surgery

If you thinking about having plastic surgery, odds are you are a healthy individual who wants to improve your appearance. Whether you want a facelift or breast augmentation, your surgery will require incisions, anesthesia and pain-relief medications. This all carries a certain risk of side effects like nausea after anesthesia, infection of the scars or pain when the anesthesia wears off. But you can avoid these risks at least to some extent if you are generally healthy.

Being healthy means that you are physically strong for the surgery. Also, you need to tell your plastic surgeon everything about your previous medical history, like allergies or some auto-immune diseases. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so tell your surgeon about every little thing regarding your health (feel free to mention that you had the flu, for example, a few weeks ago).  It’s best to have a full physical exam before plastic surgery – if everything is fine, your plastic surgeon will give you the green light to have your plastic surgery.

Also, if you are thinking about having liposuction it’s important to understand that it’s not a weight loss program. You need to be close to your ideal weight and have only isolated pockets of fat that you want to eliminate with liposuction, So, your surgeon may advise you to lose additional weight before you can have this plastic surgery.

But, rest assured that your plastic surgeon will make your safety a top priority. You will be in good hands during and after your plastic surgery, and this fact will help you to ease the anxiety of having plastic surgery in the first place and make the right decision to go with it.

Thinking carefully about these tips will turn the odds in your favor. The more you are informed about the plastic surgery you have in mind, the better you can choose the best plastic surgeon for you and expect realistic and excellent outcomes. Your plastic surgery will be a wonderful experience that will help you improve your self-confidence and improve your looks.


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