Erase wrinkles easily with Lucia Clinic's Botox treatments

If you haven’t done it so far – now it’s the right time! Remember that friend who had Botox and looked so great? Well, now it’s your time to try it because all you can expect from it are natural-looking and beautiful results. Forget about being scared to get Botox – it won’t change your appearance or make you look like a frozen doll. The era of Hollywood stars who attend cocktail parties and leave with foreheads full of Botox is over.

Doctors are no longer injecting too much Botox – they want to smooth out your wrinkles but still keep all your facial expressions. Because facial expressions are essential – they are what makes you – you.

This is the first thing you will hear from Lucia Clinic doctors. Above all, they value your individuality and address your aging signs with just small amounts of Botox. This minimalistic approach is more effective and appealing, according to many of Lucia Clinic’s clients.

Botox, the smoother of wrinkles exploded as a cultural and medical marvel. Its benefits go beyond just cosmetic – excessive sweating, neck spasms, and gummy smiles are just some of the medical concerns that can be resolved with this versatile injectable treatment.

So, how does Botox work its magic?

The power of relaxing the muscles

You already know the not-so-secret mechanism of action of Botox. It is injected in small doses into targeted muscles on your face to relax them. That’s how Botox smooths wrinkles – when you relax the muscles that surround wrinkles, the wrinkles stop moving and become less noticeable. Your skin relaxes and smooths out and reveals that youthful and rejuvenated appearance you are looking for.

The most usual targeted areas for Botox are frown lines, forehead wrinkles and Crow’s Feet. But, remember we said Botox is versatile?

You can get a lip flip, where Botox relaxes the muscle in the upper lip and causes it to flip – this makes your upper lip raise and look fuller.

You can even improve your nose with Botox. It can achieve a more defined upturn of your nose or smooth out the lines along the side of the nostrils. You can achieve a slightly pointed or perky look of your nose once the muscles that pull your nose downwards relax. Also, once the lines on the outer sides of the nose soften, your nostrils become thinner and thus your entire nose appears thinner too.

Botox is also great for jawline contouring and creating a more feminine V-shaped look to your face. It is injected into your masseter muscle (the one that lifts your jaw) to relax it and gradually make it weaker. That’s when your jaw becomes slimmer and nicely contoured instead of looking wide or boxy.

Bet you didn’t know that Botox can even lift saggy breasts. It is injected into your pectoral muscles to relax them and help your shoulders pull back. This naturally lifts your breasts and makes them perkier.

Botox also gently lifts and shapes your eyebrows, corrects facial asymmetry and improves your skin’s overall quality. All this happens with minimal downtime and quick results. That’s one of the reasons why Botox is so popular – it gives you instant but natural-looking results.

Baby Botox – perfect for preventative measures

Even though most people who get Botox are women over 40, younger generations are starting to use it to prevent aging signs. The basic premise is that if you start using Botox when you are younger, you won’t develop deep wrinkles that people try to correct when they get older.

This trend of using tiny doses of Botox for prejuvenation is super popular on social media – YouTube and TikTok are full of testimonials about Baby Botox.

It all boils down to this – you relax your facial muscles and slow down their contractions. That’s how you slow down the development of wrinkles over time, according to Lucia Clinic doctors. But the point of Baby Botox is not to freeze you solid and prevent you from showing your emotions. These emotions or facial expressions will start showing on your face and eventually leave wrinkles. But, by the time you reach 50, you’re wrinkles won’t be as deep and pronounced. So, with Baby Botox, you have a new baseline when you reach your mature age.

TrapTox aka Barbie Botox – the newest “it” tweakmeant

This is an example of how Botox found its way into the world of aesthetic beauty once again. Using Botox to relax your neck and shoulders from tension is not new. It is injected into your traps or anatomically known trapezius muscle to reduce the spasm and discomfort in this area. After Botox, this muscle slows down its contractions and becomes less rigid and bulky.

This is where the new twist is introduced to the story. While reducing the discomfort and improving your posture, TrapTox also brings you cosmetic enhancement. As Dr. Radmila Lukian explains, when your muscles relax and get smaller, your neck subtly elongates and becomes more graceful. Your neckline becomes nicely contoured. It’s no surprise that this new trend has gained huge popularity and gone viral on social media.

So, if you are looking for a streamlined neck that looks like Barbies, TrapTox is your solution.

Botox for underarm beauty

Underarm hyperhidrosis is unfortunately one of the most annoying aesthetic concerns. It doesn’t cause physical harm but emotionally and psychologically it can be really frustrating. Basically, people with excessive underarm sweating are constantly leaking regardless of the time of the year, level of stress or other contributing factors. Just imagine feeling the dampness in your armpits during business or social interactions – it’s not a pretty sight.

Luckily, Lucia Clinic doctors can help you with this issue with – yes, Botox injections. A tiny amount of Botox is carefully injected with very fine needles into your underarm sweat glands. And just as it relaxes the muscles, Botox relaxes your sweat glands so that they stop being overactive. In the next few months, your armpits are dry and silky and you feel more confident. Now, you can wear all your favorite clothes without fear of getting soaked with sweat. Underarm Botox can be really transformative – it helps you take control of your life again.

But Underarm Botox goes way beyond just medical indication – it can also help you if you have normal sweating patters. You see, if you have a busy lifestyle and can’t afford to shower all the time, Underarm Botox is your perfect solution. Just imagine how much life would be easier if you were for example a flight attendant, personal fitness trainer or other. You wouldn’t have to put tons of deodorant anymore. The same goes if you happen to live in hot climates like Dubai’s or Singapore’s. Underarm Botox would put your sweating under control and you know what that means – enjoying more in the sun.

How to express your concerns in terms of Botox vocabulary?

That’s really simple. You just need to be open and honest about your concerns. During your consultation with Lucia Clinic doctors, you get a mirror and you discuss what you want to improve. You can say that you specifically don’t like this or that wrinkle, or you can talk more generally and say that you look older, tired, worried and stressed. Skilled and experienced Lucia Clinic doctors will listen to you carefully and understand you perfectly. With the information you give them, they will create a bespoke treatment plan just for you. In the end, they are passionate about helping you feel and look great.

This also applies if you want to get TrapTox or Underarm Botox. After careful examination, Lucia Clinic doctors will tell you if you are a good candidate for these treatments. If yes, then your journey toward fulfilling your aesthetic goals will be comfortable and amazing.

Best of all, whichever Botox treatment you choose to have, Lucia Clinic doctors will bring you natural-looking and more than satisfying results.

To find out how you can benefit from Botox, schedule your consultation at Lucia Clinic!