During the treatment, the therapist uses a carefully crafted V-ST handpiece that has Integrated Contact TEC Cooling. The treatment utilizes CORE™ technology or Channeling Optimized Radiofrequency Energy that represents the revolutionized multi-RF technology. t is an amazing treatment because the CORE has three channels of different frequency depth and a fourth one that combines all three frequencies.

The CORE gently heats the skin’s underlying layers but because of the Cooling technology, it leaves the surface of the skin unharmed. It has three modes that represent 3 different RF and three different depths – Mode I uses 0.8 MHz and penetrates 7.2 mm into the hypodermis, Mode II uses 1.7 MHz and goes 5.1 mm deep, and Mode III uses 2.45 MHz and penetrates to the depth of 3.9 mm. These radio frequencies deliver heat to all layers of the skin at the same time in order to achieve amazing results.

The Radio Frequency energy stimulates the existing collagen and elastin and triggers the production of the new and fresh ones. This is achieved by fibroblast stimulation and the treatment results in the reduction of loose and saggy skin. It makes it an effective and safe treatment that successfully treats problematic body areas.

Procedure info at a glance

Is it painful? No
Is there any downtime? No
How many sessions are needed? Usually 4-8 sessions
How long does the procedure take? Around 30 minutes
When can I see the results? After 3-4 sessions
How often should I do it? Every 2-4 weeks

How It Works


Problems with sagging and loose skin and localized fat pockets on different body parts can be the result of age, genetics or gravity. This treatment is one of the best non-surgical choices for dealing with these skin problems. It reduces fat cells, boosts blood circulation and restores skin elasticity and firmness.

With this treatment, patients can resolve their skin issues on almost all body parts including: 

  •     Arms
  •     Abdomen
  •     Back
  •     Front and back thighs
  •     Buttocks

The RF energy boosts blood circulation and increases fat cell metabolism. The production of firmer and tighter skin on any treated area is what makes this treatment so efficient.

VIORA ST™ treatment can reduce sagging skin after weight loss, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Since this skin tightening treatment is safe and comfortable, it can effectively target smaller or larger body areas.


The advantages of this VIORA treatment are numerous. It provides brilliant results and as it is non-invasive it requires minimal to no downtime. It is a safe treatment that precisely targets problematic body areas with its advanced treatment control.

It makes loose and saggy skin tighter and rejuvenated and thus reverses the signs of aging.

After the first course of treatments collagen fibers are stimulated which gives the skin an firmer appearance.

With its groundbreaking technology, VIORA ST™ for the body ensures the most comfortable and effective skin tightening procedure on the market. It is painless and enables the patients to continue with their normal daily routine right after the treatment is finished. But there is one difference – the patients know that they have taken years off their appearance.

This treatment can solve the issue of saggy and loose skin no matter the causes – time, genetics or gravity. VIORA ST™ for the body really achieves skin tightening and helps the patient feel and look better without any risks or invasive procedures.

After this powerful but gentle treatment, the patients leave Lucia Clinic satisfied and confident because they know that they are on a beautiful journey towards feeling smooth, firm and tight skin without surgery, incisions and downtime – only long-lasting and brilliant results.



    VIORA ST™ for the body can be an ideal aesthetic solution for patients who are over 30 years old and have moderately loose skin on their targeted body areas. It can help patients to restore lost elasticity and to tighten their visibly loose skin.

    Good candidates for this treatment are patients who wish to improve their skin texture and get tighter skin. It is perfect for people who shy away from surgical procedures and don’t want to spend a lot of time on recovery. Patients who have realistic expectations from this procedure and wish to achieve natural results can really benefit from VIORA ST™ for the body. As the treatment is completely safe, patients can undergo this procedure to improve their skin quality and body contours.

    Generally, patients who are in good physical health can get a customized VIORA ST™ treatment that will suit their needs and goals individually.

    VIORA ST™ for the body is suitable for all skin types and skin tones, and both men and women can benefit from it.

    VIORA ST™ for the body treatment can be done at any time of year, and it also works well on tanned skin, making it a suitable skin tightening treatment for almost anyone.


    When the patient arrives at Lucia Clinic, first he/she is consulted with VIORA ST™ therapist. The therapist carefully examines the patient’s problematic body areas and decides if this procedure is suitable for addressing the patient’s body skin concerns. Next, the therapists create a custom-tailored treatment plan that will specifically target the patient’s areas of concern.

    Before the treatment, the therapist applies a gel to the treated area in order to make the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

    During the treatment, the therapist uses an applicator that is designed to reach every problematic area. The applicator is placed on the patient’s skin and delivers pulses of thermal heat to the treated area. The therapist checks with the patient during the whole treatment to make sure that he/she is comfortable.

    The patient feels the sensations of hot and cold temperatures on the surface of his/her skin. The applicator’s tip keeps the temperature on the top layer of the skin comfortable and heats the deeper layer of the skin at the same time. This is achieved because of the contact cooling mechanism that is incorporated in the applicator. The cooling tip ensures that the epidermis doesn’t get damaged or burned. This combined technology is what actually makes the treatment quite comfortable, so the patient doesn’t need a topical anesthetic. After the course of treatments, the patient’s skin is significantly tighter and smoother.

    This treatment can solve issues of loose and saggy skin after liposuction surgery, massive weight loss or simply tighten the skin on different body areas.

    VIORA ST™ treatment is absolutely accurate and it targets the skin depth with the specific frequency for a specific body area.

    The treatment time greatly depends on the size of the targeted body area and the patient’s specific skin issues.


    The number of treatment sessions is determined during the initial consultation with Viora therapists. It depends on the type of skin tightening the patient needs, the body area that is treated and the severity of the targeted area. Usually, it is recommended to have between 6-8 treatment sessions 2 weeks spaced out. But, once more it all depends on the patient’s needs and expectations.


    Every patient is different and has individual skin problems. So the response to the treatment may vary. Patients can get additional touch-ups in order to maintain the results.

    Some patients will notice immediate improvements after 2-3 sessions. The skin is tighter and the treated body area is more contoured. Other patients may need 6-8 treatments to achieve the desired results. Long-lasting and best results are seen five to six months after the last session. It takes some time for the new collagen and elastin to regrow, but the final results are so wonderful that it is definitely worth waiting.


    After the treatment it is possible for some ide effects to occur but nothing significant. The patient might experience mild redness or swelling of the treated area, but all the sensitivities should stop 2 to 3 days after the treatment.

    VIORA ST™ for the body is a non-invasive treatment so it doesn’t require any special downtime. Patients can continue with their normal routine after the treatment.