Lucia Clinic celebrates World Health Day, day of wellness - learn how to improve your body, skin, hair, mental and overall health, wellness and life in general.

Every 7 April, the World Health Organization celebrates World Health Day. The event is an annual opportunity to raise awareness around health-related issues and encourage people to get involved on personal, national and global scales. Over the past 50 years, World Health Day has highlighted important themes like mental health, maternal care, climate change and food safety.

This year, World Health Day feels more relevant than ever. 2020 reminded the entire world how important our health is, and many of us now feel an even fiercer commitment to cultivating a strong foundation of health and well-being.

But how do we get there?

At Lucia Clinic, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of inner confidence, outer beauty and aging gracefully. We join the WHO in commemorating World Health Day by sharing tips you can start implementing today for a lifetime of wellness, inside and out.


A healthy body doesn’t just add years to your life, it also helps make those years more active, productive and fulfilling. Nutrition, exercise and sleep are the pillars of good physical health. A nutrient-rich diet that includes protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals reduces your risk of disease, helps you maintain a stable weight and increases your energy and vitality. A well-rounded fitness routine keeps your body in top shape, both functionally and aesthetically. Combine the dynamic duo of diet and exercise with adequate sleep — which keeps you physically balanced and mentally sharp — and you have a recipe for longevity.

For a boost: try a body sculpting treatment

Healthy habits don’t always give us the results we’re looking for. If you’re struggling to build muscle or lose pockets of stubborn fat, Lucia Clinic offers several nonsurgical contouring treatments that can bring out the best version of your body with minimal discomfort or downtime. Depending on your goals, we have options that can help with fat reduction, muscle toning or both in one treatment.


A flawless complexion requires a dedicated skincare routine, effective products and patience. But getting healthy skin — not just on your face — takes more effort than a daily cleansing and moisturizer. For a full skincare reboot, you have to start from within. Stay hydrated throughout the day and fill your diet with fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Learn to reduce stress, which can negatively affect conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema. When it comes to topicals, make sunscreen a priority. Make sure your go-to products contain ingredients that keep your skin’s natural protective barrier intact and encourage your cells to regenerate.

For a boost: try hydra-dermabrasion or microneedling

Healthy skin is hydrated, smooth, bright and free from blemishes. If your complexion falls short in any of these categories, Lucia Clinic’s skin treatments can help. Some of our favorites include a multi-step hydra-dermabrasion facial that can address your dermatological concerns and your aesthetic needs at the same time, and a cutting-edge skin needling device that stimulates collagen production and cellular renewal.


When you think about your hair, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is styling. Hair health often takes a back seat, and scalp health is left out of the conversation entirely. Today’s health-conscious men and women are changing that — we know the top of our head deserves just as much attention as our face and body. Experts recommend shampooing less often, sticking with gentle product formulas, protecting your strands when heat styling, exfoliating to help with unhealthy buildup, massaging your scalp to promote blood flow and eating foods with nutrients that support hair growth and strength.

For a boost: try a hair loss treatment

Thinning hair can affect both men and women at any age. Although it isn’t a medically harmful condition, hair loss can be embarrassing and discouraging for anyone who experiences it. Lucia Clinic’s nonsurgical hair restoration treatments can help stop or reverse hair thinning with injections of platelet-rich plasma or medications and nutrients directly into the scalp. These treatments can strengthen weakened hair, repair damaged scalp tissues and stimulate new hair growth.


Never underestimate the power of mental fitness. When we don’t attend to our emotional wellness, we may find ourselves struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and overwhelm. Although we can’t control every stressor we encounter, we can learn to manage them more effectively with techniques that provide a counter-balance and support our internal well-being. Staying mentally healthy can mean incorporating things like meditation, fitness, journaling, digital detoxes, hobbies or community service into your routine. Practices like these increase empathy, self-awareness, calm, curiosity, mindfulness, playfulness and resilience.

For a boost: try a customized facial

Much has been said about the power of self-care. Social media is full of images of people indulging in bubble baths, face masks and other comforts that may seem frivolous at first glance, but in a culture that prioritizes productivity and busyness, setting aside time for rest and enjoyment is even more valuable. For a professional take on self-care, we recommend treating yourself to Lucia Clinic’s relaxing signature facial (gentlemen, we have one for you too!).


No matter how you define a well-lived life, good health is an essential piece of the puzzle. A healthy body and mind set the stage for your day-to-day well-being and a better quality of life as you age. At Lucia Clinic Dubai, we help clients maximize their health and beauty with bespoke treatment plans and the largest number of FDA-approved procedures in the Middle East. You deserve to be treated with the best, by the best.

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