Ultimate guide to best summer body contouring-treatments

The summer is on so it’s time to put on bikinis, swimsuits, shorts and other light summer clothes. The next step is tossing on high SPF and heading to the beach. But wait – is your body summer-ready? Or does it need a bit of tweaking? If yes, then ladies and gents you are in for a treat – Lucia Clinic has prepared a list of top treatments that will make you look fabulous.

These advanced treatments will eliminate the last inches of fat deposits on your body, define your abs and other muscles (perfect for skimpy bikinis and swim trunks) and reduce pesky cellulite dimples that keep your legs from looking silky smooth.

Let’s dive into bits and pieces of these awesome treatments.


You will definitely turn heads this summer after EmSculpt NEO – a super advanced body-contouring treatment that will make your body summer-ready in a flash. It is a non-invasive treatment that revolutionized the world of aesthetic procedures. It uses two powerful and completely different energies that simultaneously make your body areas slimmer and better-toned. And you don’t have to do anything. You just relax while EmSculpt NEO does it magic.

Why is EmSculpt NEO so effective?

Well, first of all, it is a product of long and effective research. Its technology is groundbreaking because there is no other treatment that can target stubborn fat pockets and define muscles at the same time. It is a great addition to your working out in the gym and it defines those groups of muscles that you simply can’t define alone.

EmSculpt NEO emits energy that makes your muscles (for example abs) contract like crazy. There are 20,000 contractions in just 30 minutes, which you must admit is impossible to have in the gym. Your muscles adapt to these extreme conditions and start to build up and define. After just 4 sessions, you have more defined and strong abs that everyone will be jealous of at the beach. Of course, the abdomen is just one treatment area that EmSculpt NEO can improve. You can also lift and tone your buttocks, define your upper arms or tone your legs – it’s your choice. On average, you can expect to get a 25% increase in your muscles – hello biceps and triceps!

But that’s not all. EmSculpt NEO emits another energy that targets isolated pockets of fat and melts them down. This energy heats the underlying tissue and makes subcutaneous fat cells break down. The feeling is similar to warming up before your workout. These destroyed fat cells are gradually eliminated from your system and you are left with leaner body contours.

So there you have it. EmScuplt NEO will be your best sidekick in preparing for the summer. You will get hard-core results with no downtime at all. 4 sessions of 30 minutes are all you need to get your body summer-ready.

Do you want to go even further in your body-contouring journey? Then read about,


EmSculpt NEO EDGE is the newest addition in non-invasive body-contouring treatments and it definitely gives your midsection “the edge” it needs to look perfect this summer. You see, core muscles and side or oblique muscles are super important – they keep your body strong apart from making you look attractive. So this summer you will address often neglected obliques with EmSculpt NEO EDGE.

You see, this revolutionary treatment can finally do what is necessary for defining the entire abdomen – it sculpts your waist and back area. Its applicators fit perfectly your curvier body areas like infamous love handles. With 2 simultaneous energies, EmSculpt NEO EDGE burns stubborn fat deposits and defines muscle groups in these curvy areas. After just a couple of sessions, you will notice that your posture has significantly improved and that your core strength has increased. Plus, you will look great in your bikinis or swimming trunks – your waist will be fit with more prominent six abs and side muscles.

But, that’s not all – EmSculpt NEO EDGE can improve other curvy areas like your inner and outer thighs. We all know how difficult it can be to sculpt and define these body parts. But after EmSculpt NEO EDGE they will look perfect.

This summer you can add an extra boost to your midsection with EmSculpt NEO EDGE. It will be better-toned and slimmer. A great benefit of this revolutionary and superior treatment is that it can additionally tighten your skin in the treated areas and enhance your physique even further.

It’s definitely time to say goodbye to pinchable fat and loose muscles on your waist. With EmSculpt NEO EDGE, contouring and defining your curvy body areas has never been more easier and effective. Achieve your “NEO” body and feel great this summer.

Let’s move on to the next awesome body contouring treatment that will make your body look “cool” this summer –


Melting away stubborn fat pockets has never been easier with CoolScupting – a brilliant, non-invasive treatment that will boost your confidence to head to the beach with your head up high. You don’t have to invest any effort – CoolSculpting will do everything for you. After this treatment, you can continue with your day (perhaps browse for the new awesome bikini) without worrying about side effects. There is no downtime and no recovery, just leaner and better-toned body contours.

What’s the trick with CoolSculpting?

Actually, there is no trick, just brilliant and advanced technology of cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting uses very low temperatures to target subcutaneous fat and freeze it away. But this freezing is done in a very controlled manner – no other tissue gets affected or damaged in any way. Plus it doesn’t hurt. You feel a deep sensation of cooling, but it’s not uncomfortable. Once these fat cells get frozen, they are destroyed and eventually flushed away from your body. After a couple of sessions, you notice that your targeted areas are getting slimmer – your summer clothes fit you better and you feel great. Isn’t that awesome?

CoolSculpting is super versatile and has different applicators that can target different body areas. You can finally get rid of love handles and belly flab and get a perfectly contoured midsection, which will cause waves of jealousy once you appear at the beach in your new bikini. It can also target your submental area with its mini applicator and eliminate your double chin. Finally, your arms or thighs will look slim and defined after just a couple of CoolSculpting sessions. No more pinchable inches of fat – just slimmer and firmer body contours, all without surgery, scars or nasty side effects.

What’s best about CoolSculpting is that it destroys fat cells forever! Yes, you read it right – forever! Once these fat cells are out of your body they can’t grow back. You’ll enjoy your newly contoured figure for a long time. Just keep up with your healthy lifestyle habits like regular workouts and proper diet. That way you will maintain your awesome new silhouette long after the summer is gone.

Let’s talk real business now and take fat-freezing body contouring to a whole new level with –


This equals better body contouring. If you are in a hurry to get your body ready for the summer, then CoolSculpt ELITE is your thing. This is the latest addition to fat reduction treatments and people are crazy about it. It really is the “ELITE” of body sculpting procedures.

CoolSculpt ELITE is the leading way to eliminate stubborn fat pockets. It can address more areas than any other non-invasive or non-surgical fat elimination treatment. You can reduce double chin, arms or chest (for gents). Also, it eliminates love handles, bra rolls, and banana rolls. Plus it works great for slimming inner and outer thighs and legs. You just need to pick the area you wish to slim down and CoolSculpting ELITE will work on it.

Why is it faster, you may ask?

Well, because it has a dual system of applicators which means that you can address both legs or arms at the same time – this cuts the treatment time in half. You can use the rest of your time for strolling at the beach. Why not show the initially slimmer legs on the beach? You will feel so confident. And when the rest of the destroyed fat cells get flushed away from your body, you will be more than prepared to enjoy the beach time. Your figure will be slimmer and better contoured and that’s all you wanted this summer.

How does it freeze away more fat?

CoolSculpt ELITE has improved and more compact applicators that are more gentle on your skin but suction in more tissue. This means that the cooling is done more evenly and more surface area is treated. Talking about numbers, CoolSculpt ELITE treats 18% more subcutaneous fat. That’s why you get faster results and eliminate more fat.

There you have it. CoolSculpt ELITE offers you the ultimate fat-freezing and body-contouring experience. This summer, It’s goodbye fat bulges and hello slimmer silhouette.

Finally, for the finishing touch this summer, get rid of cellulite with one of the most effective treatments –


We all have cellulite and know how difficult it can be to eliminate it. This pesky skin condition simply won’t go away no matter how much you exercise or keep a proper diet. But, this summer that’s going to change, because EMTONE will release you from cellulite dimples in a non-invasive and effortless way. It is a gentle treatment that feels like getting a hot stone massage – what better could you ask for this summer?

Why is EMTONE a star anti-cellulite treatment?

Well, first of all, it is the only treatment that reduces all causes of cellulite with its thermal and mechanical energy. EMTONE heats the underlying layers of your skin and triggers collagen production in the exact area where cellulite appears. Your skin gets firmer and tighter and prevents cellulite from appearing on its surface.

Plus, EMTONE improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and thus makes your entire silhouette slimmer and nicely contoured.

When you add this all up you get a treatment that reduces fat pockets, remodels collagen fibers, restores the elasticity of the skin and eliminates metabolic waste – that’s a lot for a single treatment, but EMTONE works every time. After a few sessions, you get long-lasting results which include smooth skin with no dimples or lumps.

The results of EMTONE are fully seen after 12 weeks – that’s the time collagen needs to rebuild. Then you can enjoy the beauty of this treatment which includes 44% thicker skin, a 59% increase in collagen and a 64% increase in elastin. Maybe numbers don’t matter to you so much but these results are awesome.

What’s perhaps more important to you is the fact that after EMTONE your legs, buttocks, abdomen or arms will be so smooth and tight that you will be super confident and feel great in your summer clothes.

Are you ready to say goodbye to cottage cheese and orange-peel-looking dimples and embrace your beach-ready body? Then EMTONE is going to be your star treatment this summer.

For more information about these exceptional and superior treatments visit Lucia Clinic and prepare your body for the summer in no time.