IV Infusion therapy for replenishing fluids into the body - Infuse the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into the bloodstream and feel refreshed.

IV Infusion Therapy – Our super-fast and busy lifestyle leaves us exhausted and depletes the required nutrients from our body. Eventually, we start ageing rapidly in our appearance and the productivity also decreases thus affecting our health. This is where IV infusions Therapy can help in replenishing the fluids and nutrients into the body and its target organs.

Intravenous (IV) Infusion Therapy is performed by infusing the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream for quick absorption into the body. IV infusion therapy can be used to treat nutritional deficiencies, detox the body from harmful toxins and boost the immune system. Sometimes a nutrient is not adequately absorbed orally due to poor functioning in the digestive tract. This is where IV therapy has shown powerful results in cases where other oral vitamin treatments have failed.

There are several types of IV infusions to treat specific problems. Some of the popular ones use high dose Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, L-Glutamine, Magnesium, Zinc and many others. Most of these are combined to form a tailor-made solution to fulfil your deficiencies. The menu of IV-cocktails is expanding with promising solutions covering anti-stress, immunity boost, fitness hydrating support, memory boost, hair regeneration and female balance thereby making it an overall wellness therapy.

IV Infusion Therapy requires a prior blood test to understand the needs and deficiencies. Since the therapy involves identifying the different concentrations and their proportion needed to meet the expectations, it is essential to get this therapy performed by a qualified professional. Once the tests are done, an infusion is usually a fast process taking 30-45 minutes before you are good to go. The effects are also quick and instantaneous in some cases. Very few might see side effects like nausea or fever which is temporary and vanishes in some time.

Infusion treatments are fast and the wellness benefits are lasting. To take the advantage of this therapy, schedule a consultation with our experts by calling us on +9714 385 4525 or email [email protected]. You can also contact us to find out more about us.