Lucia Clinic’s pre-holiday beauty specials are on the roll

It’s that time again when you are starting to think about year-end festivities. And it’s the perfect moment to get ready for the upcoming holiday celebrations. Your calendar will be busy with office parties and social gatherings so you need to spruce up. So prepare to look pitch-perfect with our pre-holiday special offers – they will enhance your beauty and boost your confidence.

Check out what aesthetic treatment we have for you.


Start with an amazing combo of two aesthetic treatments that will end your search for flawless, radiant skin – HydraFacial Express & Dermapen Mesotherapy. They are innovative, safe and effective and represent the ultimate fusion of science and sophistication. If you desire perfect-looking skin, this combination will make this dream into reality. After 3 sessions of this brilliant aesthetic cocktail, your skin will be more than prepared to shine and get through all the holiday fuss.


This gentle resurfacing hydra-dermabrasion treatment will instantly make your skin radiant, refreshed and smooth. With its patented Vortex technology, Express Hydrafacial deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin from all impurities like dirt, sweat and dead skin cells. It also cleans your pores from blackheads and other clogs. With this technique, your face is gently resurfaced, leaving behind a fresh, new layer of soft and healthy-looking skin.

It’s completely painless and pampers your skin as it deserves. Plus, it’s super fast and lasts for only 30 minutes – hence its name. Express Hydrafacial is just perfect for your busy pre-holiday schedule.


We are not finished yet – after Express Hydrafacial, your treatment continues with Dermapen Mesotherapy which will enhance your skin radiance even further. Dermapen Mesotherapy really is transformative when it comes to improving your skin’s quality – it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation, acne scars and other blemishes. If your goal is flawless skin, Dermapen Mesotherapy will achieve it.

Lucia Clinic skin therapist uses a special Dermapen applicator to create micro-channels in your skin with very fine needles. These micro-channels or micro-wounds trigger your skin’s healing processes and production of collagen and elastin. Your skin basically regenerates itself on its own.

Together with a customized Mesotherapy solution that is fused into your skin, this treatment nourishes your skin from the inside out. Your skin gets deeply moisturized and eventually improves its texture and tone.


Prepare for some serious pampering with this special combo of aesthetic treatments. Express Hydrafacial and Dermapen Mesotherapy provide your skin with exfoliation, hydration and rejuvenation. Together they do their magic that makes your skin refined and ready for the holiday season.

This treatment is fast and perfect for a busy day. Plus, it doesn’t cause significant side effects or require downtime. You are free to go and continue with your day. But there will be a little twist – your beautifully enhanced skin will simply radiate, and make you radiate with confidence.

The next special offer this month is –


Skin boosters are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments at Lucia Clinic. This is because they are an effective blend of science and elegance – everybody just loves them. If you are looking for a source of youthfulness for your skin, then skin boosters are aesthetic treatments that will take your skincare to a whole new level. It is a minimally invasive injectable procedure that leaves you with minimal to no downtime. What’s more important, it leaves your skin looking glowing, plump and smooth.


You know that one of the most important things that keeps your skin looking youthful is hydration. And your skin will need to stay hydrated during the holiday season. Skin boosters are all about that – they thoroughly hydrate your skin. They consist of hyaluronic acid of a special type which keeps your skin moisturized and nourished for a long time (from 6 to 9 months). Skin boosters give your skin an instant shot of freshness and brightness in a single treatment session. Plus they make your skin smooth by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Expect your skin to be subtly enhanced – all thanks to proper hydration.


Skin boosters have the power to trigger collagen production – a very important protein that improves the overall quality of your skin. Gradually, your skin loses crepey and loose appearance once your skin becomes better hydrated and more toned. This treatment will make your dry, flaky or rough skin smooth and youthful because its special formula helps your skin to even out all depressions or roughness. After a couple of weeks, you will notice a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and the skin on your cheeks will be plumper and smoother. Just imagine your pre-holiday and holiday make-up – it will stay perfectly on your face. All thanks to the advanced skin booster treatment.


Skin boosters will give your skin everything it needs to look perfect during the holiday season. They are versatile and can address different skin concerns, but most importantly they hydrate your skin like no other treatment. You can get a bespoke treatment plan that will address your specific skin issues in a single session. Plus you don’t have to worry about side effects or downtime – hyaluronic acid in skin boosters is already present in your body so there is a minimal chance of adverse reaction, like an allergy for example.

The results are long-term and you will see the effects of skin boosters long after the holiday season. If you are looking for subtle yet significant improvement in your skin then skin boosters are the right choice. You will look graceful and sophisticated and enjoy the attention at all your holiday gatherings.

Finally, you can try one of the best fat reduction treatments and contour different areas of your body.


Now that we covered your facial skin, it’s time to tackle your other body areas. Especially those areas that are packed with stubborn fat pockets. No matter how much you exercise or keep a proper diet, these areas simply don’t want to get nicely contoured. And we all know that you want to look nice in all your holiday fashion choices. With CoolSculping treatment, you can sculpt all problematic body areas and finally fulfill your dreams of having a perfectly shaped silhouette.


CoolSculpting is an ideal blend of innovation and sophistication that eliminates pinchable pockets of fat in a safe and completely comfortable way. Without any effort from your side, you can lose inches of fat with the help of specially designed applicators. The applicators emit cold temperatures that select only your fat cells and freeze them away. The frozen fat cells get destroyed and gradually flushed away from your body. And what are you left with? Slimmer and perfectly contoured physique. There is no surgery, needles or downtime – CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive. That’s one of the reasons everybody loves this treatment.


If you are bothered by small isolated fat deposits under your submental area, above your knees or the front part of your armpits, then CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for you. It has versatile applicators – the smallest one is ideal for small body areas like your double chin. Don’t let its mini size mislead you – it’s just as powerful and effective as larger CoolSculpting applicators. The small applicator’s cup fits perfectly under your chin and freezes away unwanted fat cells. Gradually, you will notice that this area of your body is getting slimmer and nicely contoured. After all destroyed fat cells are flushed away from your body your neck, knees or upper arms will be ready for holiday gowns. You will look graceful and sophisticated – all thanks to precise sculpting by CoolSculpting.


Why stop at small areas of isolated fat? With CoolSculpting medium-sized applicators, you can freeze away pockets of pinchable fat on your waist and finally get rid of love handles. Your waist will look perfect in your brand-new clothes. Also, you can eliminate fat cells from your bra area, under your buttocks or your abdomen. Bra rolls or banana rolls can stay in the past. Your perfect hourglass shape will certainly draw attention. Or get rid of fat that has accumulated in your lower back area (this goes for gents) and get that desired V-shaped upper-body area. Possibilities are endless – all you need to come to Lucia Clinic and get your customized CoolSculpting treatment plan. The biggest advantage of this brilliant fat freezing and body contouring treatment is that the results are permanent – once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good. With a regular fitness regime and a proper diet, you will enjoy your newly shaped figure for a long time.


Now is the right time to start preparing for your holiday festivities. With our special offer, you will be more than ready to enjoy all the fun that holiday season brings you. Prepare your facial skin for party time and family gatherings with Express Hydrafacial and Dermapen Microneedling. Your skin will stay fresh, rejuvenated and flawless even after the whole night party. Or go with skin booster treatment to keep your skin super hydrated. Your face will look smooth and plump even after the whole day of make-up. Finally, look great in all your specially selected holiday clothes with CoolSculpting. Start flushing away all the frozen fat cells and your nicely shaped silhouette will surely turn heads.

Choose the best pre-holiday treatment for you and get a bespoke treatment plan. They are all non-invasive, effortless and comfortable – when they are performed by Lucia Clinic’s skin specialists. Look forward to experiencing some first-class treatments!

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