Aesthetic treatments for festive season at Lucia Clinic

Today I am going to share with you some tips about Lucia Clinic’s top aesthetic treatments that will turn your tired and dull-looking skin into glowing and radiant. Read about 7 amazing treatments that will improve your skin concerns like fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots and uneven skin tone in a minimally invasive way and without downtime. Ready to shine during the festive season?

Read the chapters.

  1. Chemical peels – your secret partner in the quest for glowing skin
  2. Laser skin resurfacing – transform your skin with the power of light
  3. Dermal Fillers – restore your youthful plumpness with the touch of rejuvenation
  4. Botox – smooth out those pesky wrinkles and reveal the glow
  5. Skin Boosters – upgrade your skincare routine
  6. Profhilo – make your skin glow with a touch of elegance
  7. Sculptra – regenerate your skin from the inside out

1. Chemical peels – your secret partner in the quest for glowing skin

Best customized chemical peel treatments at Lucia Clinic

Picture this – the festive season has started, and you have a busy social schedule. You look in the mirror and see that your skin is tired-looking and uneven. And then it hits you – I need to do something about this skin fast! Well, Lucia Clinic chemical peels are a perfect solution – they are safe and quick treatments that will make your skin radiant again.

The science behind chemical peels

Chemical peels transform your skin because they actually gently remove the superficial layer of the skin and reveal the healthy radiance that you are looking for.

Your skin accumulates everything – stress, dirt, free radicals, and other elements that clog your pores, and make your complexion dull-looking. Or you constantly battle with acne and acne scars or pigmentation. Plus, your skin is naturally aging, so you develop fine lines and wrinkles. All these skin concerns can be easily resolved with the right chemical peel.

You see, chemical peels are chemical solutions that are gently applied to your skin and then removed after a proper amount of time. The mixture of acids in these solutions gently exfoliates the top layer of your skin and after a few days, your skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated.

TIP: It’s important to find the right dermatologist, who will recommend the best chemical peel according to your skin concerns and aesthetic goals.

You have this all covered at Lucia Clinic, where you can get a customized chemical peel treatment plan, which is your way of achieving radiant skin. Lucia Clinic offers a wide variety of different chemical peel solutions and Lucia Clinic’s skin experts and dermatologists will guide you step by step through the process.

Chemical peel is a skin resurfacing treatment, so your dermatologist chooses the depth of the chemical solution according to your skin concerns. At Lucia Clinic, you can get a light chemical peel that improves your skin tone and texture and reduces fine lines. You can also opt for a medium chemical peel that makes your skin texture much smoother.

In short, most chemical peels have AHAs or alpha hydroxyl acids, BHAs or beta hydroxyl acids and a lot of different effective ingredients.

What happens to your skin when you treat it with chemical peel?

The first step is, as I’ve already mentioned, exfoliation. For example, AHAs like glycolic and lactic acids dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells, which gradually slough away. Your top skin layer starts to peel off and make way for the new and healthy skin layer. Your skin is getting revived.

BHAs like salicylic acid go deeper into your skin and clean your pores from excess oil and remove the debris. After this effective exfoliation, your skin feels smoother, it has a more even texture and it’s preparing to glow.

If your skin concern is hyperpigmentation, a chemical peel solution breaks down the melanin overproduction and makes your skin more even. Your sun and age spots, melasma or freckles slowly disappear.

And that’s it. Your skin starts to unveil its glow. Since it is free of dead skin cells, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles and other concerns, your skin can now return its glow or more precisely, reveal it. It was always radiant underneath – it just needed a little boost by chemical peels. The results of chemical peel treatment are long-lasting and natural-looking – they will make you the star of every festive social gathering.

Now for some technical info – after a chemical peel treatment, you will get an aftercare at-home protocol, which you need to follow according to your dermatologist’s recommendations.

Also, your new healthy skin will be super sensitive to the sun so use a high SPF or simply avoid going out for a few days.

Plus, you will need a couple of days for your skin to fully exfoliate, so don’t plan any social gatherings during this period. But the downtime is short and very soon you will be able to show off your new, healthy, and radiant facial skin.

It’s worth to wait because the results are amazing.

2. Laser skin resurfacing – transform your skin with the power of light

Lucia Clinic’s laser skin resurfacing for glowing skin

Imagine that your face is like a canvas that shows everything – sun exposure, maturing, and everyday stress. It’s not a pretty picture and can make you feel self-conscious. If you are determined to do something great for your skin during the holiday season, then Lucia Clinic’s laser skin resurfacing treatments can be your solution. You just need to know which laser is best for your skin concerns.

Let’s discuss this.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Let’s say that laser skin resurfacing is an amazing skin rejuvenation treatment. It uses laser energy to improve your skin appearance and eliminate sun and age spots, wrinkles and fine lines and other blemishes. Your Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist or dermatologist precisely emits the laser energy into the precise layers of your skin. Since this treatment is fully controlled, there are minimal side effects and minimal downtime. But the results are maximal.

Now, you probably know that there are numerous lasers that are used for laser resurfacing. It can be a bit overwhelming when you start reading about it and trying to choose the best one for your aesthetic goals.

It’s better just to come to Lucia Clinic and get a customized laser skin resurfacing treatment. Then you’ll know that you made the right choice and that your skin will be rejuvenated and glowing in no time.

What types of laser therapies can you get at Lucia Clinic?

You know that Lucia Clinic is always at the forefront of advances in technology and offers its clients only the best laser treatments.

For example, one of the most groundbreaking laser skin resurfacing at Lucia Clinic is definitely Alma Hybrid.

Alma Hybrid is an amazing skin rejuvenation and scar treatment laser therapy simply because it unites 3 different energies to bring you the best results. There is nothing traditional about this laser skin resurfacing treatment. It combines an ablative CO2 laser with a non-ablative 1570nm laser in a perfect ratio. This means that every pixel of this laser can be set to address your specific skin concerns. This is what the ultimate customization of treatments is all about.

You can address wrinkles and fine lines, acne and other scars, hyperpigmentation and other skin blemishes.

The best part is that the treatment is finished by fusing your skin with essential skin products for even better results.

The customization enables shorter downtime and fewer side effects. But the results are amazing. Your skin texture significantly improves, and it glows – this is what you were looking for in the first place.

Other very effective and minimally invasive laser therapies include different fractional lasers.

For example, Clear+Brilliant is one of the super popular fractional lasers because it gives you exactly what you’re looking for – smooth, rejuvenated, and glowing skin.

Lucia Clinic’s advanced laser therapy for glowing skin

It can resurface about 25% of your skin which is quite amazing.

It actually creates tiny, microscopic treatment zones in the top layer of your skin. This immediately triggers collagen and elastin production which significantly improves your skin quality. You can address hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and make your skin bright and youthful looking. All without a long downtime and significant side effects.

Finally, AFT or Intense pulsed light (IPL) is one of the latest laser technologies.

If you want a non-invasive skin complexion improvement then this treatment is just for you.

You can address photodamage, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, and other blemishes. This treatment is based on emitting intensive pulses of broadband light that don’t damage the surface of your skin. It improves your skin at the cellular level and triggers the strengthening of collagen fibers. All this brings you smoother, brighter, and glowing complexion – all you want to get this holiday season.

There you have it. Laser skin resurfacing treatments make your skin glowing and rejuvenated with minimal to no downtime. As days go by, you notice how your skin becomes more beautiful and more refreshed. And that’s why these treatments are so effective and bring you long-lasting and natural-looking results.

3. Dermal Fillers – restore your youthful plumpness with the touch of rejuvenation

Top customized Dermal Fillers treatments at Lucia Clinic

Picture this scenario – you are getting ready for your holiday social event, and you want to look your best. You are applying your makeup and suddenly you realize that your face looks deflated and tired. If this is really the case, then Lucia Clinic’s dermal filler treatment is your thing. It will quickly restore the youthful plumpness of your face and make your skin glow.

What lies behind the effectiveness of dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are like your personal fountain of youth. You see, we can compare the face to a balloon. When we are young, our faces are plump and round. As we mature, we lose collagen and elastin, and our skin slowly starts to lose its elasticity and our facial features lose their plumpness. Very soon, we notice shallow areas in the temples and tear troughs, we develop wrinkles and fine lines, and our cheeks and jaws lose volume. That’s why our faces start looking like a deflated balloon.

But dermal fillers can quickly reverse all these signs of aging, enhance your face, and restore your youthful look. Most importantly, dermal fillers make your skin glow – just as you want it this festive season.

The key ingredient in most dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid – a substance that is already found in the skin. HA attracts moisture and instantly makes your facial features plumper and more youthful. Plus, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles so you can forget about looking tired. Dermal fillers have a gel-like consistency that smooths your skin and makes your entire complexion rejuvenated and refreshed.

TIP: Dermal fillers are a very versatile treatment and it’s important to find a great doctor to perform it.

Lucia Clinic’s doctors will create a bespoke dermal filler treatment just for you – this guarantees great and natural-looking results.

You see, when performing this treatment, it’s necessary to have a keen eye and a touch of artistry. Lucia Clinic’s doctors can sculpt and contour your face with dermal fillers but keep your natural-looking appearance. That’s what your ultimate goal should be.

Don’t go overboard with dermal fillers – sometimes less is more.

Just a little dermal filler in your cheeks and hollow temples, for example, will instantly enhance your face and make you look younger and refreshed. Your face will look harmonious, plump, and well-balanced.

What’s great about dermal filler treatment is that you usually need just one session. Plus, the downtime is not that long – after 2 to 3 days, you can continue with your social gatherings. You see the results right away – your skin is glowing, and your facial features are enhanced. That’s all you wanted. Now you can be the star of every social gathering with perfectly set makeup.

4. Botox – smooth out those pesky wrinkles and reveal the glow

Festive season glow with Botox treatment at Lucia Clinic

As you are thinking about what makeup to apply to your super-important holiday social gathering, you look at the mirror and notice that you look differently than you feel. You look tired, worried, and stressed – all because of deep wrinkles between your eyes or lines on your forehead and around your eyes. Something just doesn’t look right. If that’s true for you, then Lucia Clinic Botox treatment may just be your answer.

Why is Botox so captivating in the aesthetic world?

Well, the answer is simple – Botox turns back time and returns the glow to your skin, safely and quickly. You see, we can’t stop aging. Our faces show everything – maturing, stress, and emotions. If we frown a lot or squint our eyes, we start to develop wrinkles on the forehead and the outer corners of the eyes. These wrinkles first show when we make these facial expressions, but very soon they are here to stay. So, Frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and Crow’s feet become the part of your face. And make you look angry or worried even if you don’t feel that way.

All that can be reversed with Botox treatment. Just find a reliable doctor and you are good to go.

Lucia Clinic’s doctors are more than skilled and experienced in performing Botox treatment and what’s even more important they create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.

You see, we all have different facial anatomy, and your doctor needs to understand this. Too much Botox can change your entire appearance and freeze your facial expressions – in short, you end up looking like a porcelain doll. You don’t want that.

Luckily, Lucia Clinic’s doctors value natural-looking results above all. Just a little amount of Botox, injected into the right muscles, will relax them and your wrinkles will disappear. But you will still look like yourself and keep your facial expressions. Your face will look rejuvenated and glowing, and nobody needs to know that you had Botox. That’s the result you get when you have this treatment performed by a true expert. You want your glowing face to steal the spotlight and your wrinkles.

What’s great about Botox is that you normally need only one treatment season. Plus, the downtime is short and there are no significant side effects. You can even apply skincare products immediately. Just avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours.

TIP: Don’t massage the treated area because this may cause Botox to migrate to places you don’t want. Be patient for a couple of days, until Botox settles in your skin.

That’s all. After Botox, your face will look polished and smooth. Your natural beauty and radiance will be accentuated – just as you wanted.

5. Skin Boosters – upgrade your skincare routine

Lucia Clinic festive season skin boosters for glowing skin


If you really want to do something great for your skin, in terms of hydration and rejuvenation, then Lucia Clinic’s skin booster treatment is your answer. Your dull-looking skin will instantly return its glow – just as you wished it this holiday season.

Why are skin boosters so great for the skin?

The answer is simple – they ultimately nourish and hydrate your skin. You see, your skin is like a delicate flower that needs constant nourishment. As your skin matures, the lack of hydration starts to get visible in terms of dull complexion, fine lines and wrinkles and dry skin.

This is where skin boosters take center stage. They are special solutions that rejuvenate your skin and make your face glow.

Skin boosters’ secret is hydration and revitalization of your skin at the cellular level.

They consist of hyaluronic acid which when injected, instantly attracts, and retains moisture in your skin. We all have HA in our skin, but over the years we start to lose it. That’s why skin boosters are effective “boosters” of HA. They restore your skin’s vitality and radiance.

Another thing that is great about Lucia Clinic’s skin booster treatment is that it revives collagen in your skin. Collagen keeps your skin youthful and tight, and it needs occasional nudge. With skin boosters, you trigger collagen production and gradually restore your radiant complexion. With a new and strong collagen structure underneath, your skin becomes resilient to future aging and stress.

TIP: Before you choose your skin booster treatment, consult with Lucia Clinic doctors.

The great thing about skin boosters is their versatility. Your doctor can create a bespoke skin booster treatment that will address your specific skin concerns and aesthetic goals. This is what guarantees that you will achieve that long-wanted radiance.

Your skin booster treatment will improve the overall quality of your skin, soften lines and wrinkles, and eliminate dullness. All thanks to their super powerful and extensive hydration. This treatment enhances your natural beauty without long downtime or significant side effects.

But there is more. Skin boosters continue to hydrate your skin and stimulate collagen production long after your treatment session. This gives you long-lasting radiance – your face will look healthy and glowing long after the holiday season. So, with skin boosters you get instant improvement in your skin’s quality and long-term effects.

TIP: For the best results of your skin booster treatment, just don’t touch the treated area for a few hours.

This way you will avoid all unwanted side effects.

Also, steer clear of sun exposure, saunas, or swimming pools for 3 days after your treatment. Lastly, try to sleep in an elevated position and don’t pressure the treated area. This way your skin booster will nicely settle in your skin.

There you have it. For that instant glow and healthy and radiant skin, Lucia Clinic’s skin booster treatment is for you. Prepare to be the star of all your festive social gatherings.

6. Profhilo – make your skin glow with a touch of elegance

Profhilo, performed by expert Lucia Clinic doctors

Profhilo, performed by expert Lucia Clinic doctors – consult with Lucia Clinic’s doctors about the most effective skin boosters for your skin concerns.


Imagine this – you are looking at your skin and thinking if only it was glowing and soft again. Over the years, your skin has lost its radiance and become dull-looking and wrinkled. Festive season is here, and you need to do something about your skin quickly. If this is all true for you then Lucia Clinic’s Profhilo treatment will fulfill your wishes. Just give it a try.

Why is Profhilo a different aesthetic treatment?

Well simply because it’s a product of extensive research and advancements in the world of aesthetic dermatology. Profhilo is the first injectable that contains stabilized hyaluronic acid and doesn’t have chemical cross-linked agents.

Now what does that mean to you?

It means that Profhilo has the largest concentration of pure HA of all products on the market. And that’s amazing! It deeply hydrates your skin, but it can also lift it. This makes it one of the most popular anti-aging and bio-remodeling treatments. So, it doesn’t only fill in your wrinkles and lines but it also remodels your skin. Your skin becomes firm and elastic again and, of course, glowing.

If you want dramatic improvements but still very subtle and natural-looking, Profhilo is your answer.

The Profhilo injectable for glowing skin at Lucia Clinic

When injected, Profhilo slowly releases HA and gradually improves the elasticity and overall quality of your skin. It triggers your body’s regenerative processes which in turn improve your entire skin’s appearance. It doesn’t work like traditional dermal fillers that enhance only the targeted areas. Profhilo is unique – it spreads like honey underneath your entire skin and hydrates your entire face.

Plus, this treatment solves the problems with your skin at the root – it stimulates collagen production which keeps your skin firm, elastic and youthful. Your tired-looking skin becomes shiny, firm and rejuvenated all thanks to built-up collagen. So, we can say that Profhilo gives you a double benefit – it deeply hydrates your skin and makes it tighter at the same time. This is what makes Profhilo treatment so revolutionary.

With Profhilo treatment, you can reverse subtle aging signs and restore your skin’s vibrancy. It makes your skin glow but also make it youthful-looking.

Lucia Clinic’s doctors can create a bespoke Profhilo treatment just for you. This guarantees that you will be more than satisfied with the results. Profhilo injectable treatment needs to be performed by a skilled doctor – at Lucia Clinic you will be in good hands.

You don’t have to worry about downtime because there isn’t any. You can continue with planning your social event.

TIP: For the best results, just don’t touch or apply the makeup to the treated areas for 6 hours to avoid getting infection.

And don’t exercise the day after the treatment. That’s all.

Your skin will glow during the holiday season, but it will continue to look amazing long after the season is over. That’s because Profhilo gradually and constantly releases HA and stimulates collagen production. So, Profhilo isn’t just about a temporary glow – it’s about a long-lasting radiance.

7. Sculptra – regenerate your skin from the inside out

Sculptra filler for skin transformation at Lucia Clinic

This is the last amazing treatment on this list, but it definitely isn’t the least. If you want to ultimately enhance your facial features, then Lucia Clinic’s Sculptra filler is your thing. This holiday season, Sculptra will make your skin glow for a long time.

What’s the secret of Sculptra?

As your skin matures, it starts to lose volume and develops wrinkles and fine lines. Your complexion starts to look dull and tired. It needs hydration and nourishment. That’s what Sculptra gives your skin – it refreshes your face and reverses aging signs. It does all these in several steps.

First, Sculptra awakens your collagen. When injected, poly-L-lactic microspheres are absorbed and processed by your body. This is a special formula that is injected into the sub-dermal layer of your skin. Your collagen and elastin start to build up deep into your skin and they gradually rejuvenate it.

Sculptra doesn’t simply fill in your wrinkles and fine lines – it gradually transforms your entire skin.

This is the foundation for glowing skin – it slowly emerges on the surface.

Next, Sculptra contours your facial features and brings your face into harmony. This is where Lucia Clinic’s bespoke Sculptra treatment comes into the spotlight.

Lucia Clinic’s expert team of doctors strategically and precisely inject Sculptra into your facial features to add volume and restore their youthfulness. Your facial features transform but in a subtle way – Sculptra gives you completely natural-looking results. This gradual transformation allows your natural beauty to shine through.

Finally, this gradual transformation of your skin is what sets Sculptra apart. It’s not about short-term results. The results start to appear weeks and months after your session. You notice that your skin is becoming reading and glowing as collagen continues to regenerate underneath it. The final results are plumper, firmer, youthful-looking and beautiful skin.

Lucia Clinic’s Sculptra filler for reversing aging signs

Don’t worry about the downtime because it is minimal. Some people experience only mild side effects. In case of bruising or redness,

After the treatment apply cold packs to treated areas during the first 24h. This way you will ease the sensitivities.

Also, for the best results, massage the treated area for 5 minutes during the first 5 days. Finally, avoid too much sun exposure or tanning beds for at least 7 days after your season.

Sculptra is so much more than an aesthetic treatment. It gives your skin radiance that defies the boundaries of aging. The subtle aging signs disappear from your face as a result of Sculptra’s power of transformation. It doesn’t simply enhance your skin – it celebrates your natural beauty.

Once you start your journey to skin rejuvenation with Sculptra, it will last for more than 2 years. This is what sets Sculptra apart – the final results are really long-lasting. You will enjoy your glowing and youthful face long after the holiday season is over.

That’s it. This is the list of the most amazing Lucia Clinic treatments for glowing and youthful-looking skin.

For your bespoke treatment that will make your skin glow during the festive season, visit or call Lucia Clinic.