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Preparing your skin, body, and face for Ramadan is even more important because you change your daily routine in terms of diet and hydration. Your body and skin need extra love. Fasting can lead to dehydration which makes your skin dull-looking and dry. To avoid this, you need to hydrate your skin both on the inside and the outside. Drinking plenty of water during non-fasting hours and using hydrating skincare products will help you feel and look fresh and confident during the holy month.

Plus, some other beauty secrets will make your skin radiant and your body ready for Ramadan. Let’s talk about Lucia Clinic’s skin therapist’s recommendations about top beauty rituals you can easily incorporate into your fasting routine.

Mindful treatments during Ramadan

During the Holy month, you should choose aesthetic treatments that are gentle and won’t interfere with your fasting schedule.

For example, HydraFacial is an amazing treatment that can help you ultimately rejuvenate your skin. At Lucia Clinic, you can get Express HydraFacial or Signature Hydrafacial – all depending on your aesthetic goals. Express HydraFacial is a simple 30-minute treatment perfect for a busy Ramadan schedule. After Express HydraFacial your skin is instantly more hydrated and refreshed – all without downtime. The last step includes applying a soothing mask that guards your skin against pollution, stress and sun damage.

Signature HydraFacial treatment deeply hydrates, cleans and extracts all the impurities from your skin. It also Infuses your skin with powerful serums full of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other goodies that are meant to protect your skin during Ramadan season. The treatment lasts for 60 minutes after which you can continue with your busy schedule – without side effects and downtime. All you can expect is smooth, radiant and hydrated skin.

Another non-invasive and effective aesthetic treatment that can prepare your skin for Ramadan season is Sofwave. This advanced treatment reverses aging signs by tightening and lifting your skin. It reveals a radiant and youthful complexion that will help you look and feel confident during the holy month. The secret of Sofwave is kickstarting collagen production that gradually builds up and fills in wrinkles and fine lines. It can also lift loose skin. This treatment brings you everything your skin needs – a boost in collagen and a rejuvenated glow.

If you are looking for an aesthetic treatment that will prepare your body for Ramadan season then Lucia Clinic’s EmSculpt NEO is your solution. This unparalleled body contouring treatment will simultaneously melt stubborn fat deposits and tone your muscles in your targeted area. It is a super versatile treatment that can address your abdomen, legs, arms or buttocks. After just 4 sessions your figure will be nicely contoured and you will feel stronger and energized – perfect for fasting season.

Holistic hints and tips during the holy month

You already know that a holistic approach to skin includes taking care of your mind, body and soul all together. With gentle aesthetic treatments and a few simple daily routines, your skin will radiate with health and youthfulness during Ramadan. And who could give you better advice about how to take care of your well-being than Lucia Clinic’s experts who value a holistic approach above anything?


During the holy month, your skin easily loses moisture so it needs more hydration. Praying 5 times a day and washing your face can lead to dry skin. So always remember to use a gentle moisturizer that suits your skin type – that way you will keep your skin healthy-looking and supple. The right moisturizer will penetrate your skin and bring you better results. Use products that are full of antioxidants and vitamins to boost your skin hydration even more. Rich moisturizers will prevent your skin from aging and dehydration and keep it tight, smooth and radiant.

Also don’t forget to properly cleanse your face before going to bed to remove all the accumulated dirt, sweat and other impurities. Again, use a gentle cleanser that won’t remove natural protective oils from your skin.

It goes without question that drinking plenty of water is essential during Ramadan season. Water will keep your entire body hydrated and prevent dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. Since you can drink water only from sunset to sunrise, make sure to evenly distribute up to 2 liters of water. Even though you can’t drink water during the day, your body still needs the same daily amount of it. So, stay hydrated during the non-fasting period and your body and your skin will be more than grateful.

Finally, use a high SPF during the day to protect the skin from the sun. As you are not drinking water during the day, your skin gets vulnerable to heat. You can even choose sun protection products that moisturize your skin. That way you are hydrating and protecting your skin at the same time.


During Ramadan, your skin may get dull-looking and dry because you significantly change your diet. Try to avoid heavy eating before sunrise and at sunset because this may negatively affect your well-being. Also, don’t miss out on nutritious food because you have limited time to eat. Moderation is the key.

To boost your immune system, eat plenty of fruit and veggies. It will also keep your skin healthy-looking. So, consume Vitamins A, B, C and E on a daily basis. The best option is to have balanced meals full of proteins and vegetables.

Keep sugar and soft drinks to a minimum but drink yogurt as much as you want. It will keep your body and skin healthy and refreshed.


Take some time off applying heavy makeup because it blocks your pores and may cause acne or other skin blemishes. This is because, during the holy month, you are not hydrating enough during the day and heavy makeup can contribute to skin problems. Instead, go for a natural look, or wear light makeup if you have to.

But keep your skincare routine in terms of cleansing and moisturizing. During the day moisturize and apply SPF and during the night cleanse your skin and moisturize again. Your skin will be radiant and healthy-looking – that’s all you want during Ramadan.


Some treatments are generally not recommended to have during Ramadan. These treatments include injectables aka Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Mesotherapy.

Namely most injectable treatments involve introducing foreign substances directly into your body and that interferes with the integrity of the fast. Therefore, according to Lucia Clinic’s doctors, during the fasting time, you should abstain from cosmetic treatments that include needles.

So, to be sure that you are fully respecting the sanctity of the holy month, opt for non-injectable treatments that will keep your skin radiant and youthful.

As the holy month of Ramadan starts, Lucia Clinic wishes you spiritual growth and self-care. Let your beauty shine from within.

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