GLOWING FACIAL SKIN, SILKY SMOOTH ARMPITS AND LUSH LIPS – spoil yourself with exceptional Lucia Clinic’s July specials

Two women eating grapes and embracing true beauty with Lucia Clinic’s July specials

This July, prepare for some serious confidence boosting! Lucia Clinic has prepared some amazing specials that will make you radiant this summer. Thermage FLX & CTP will rejuvenate your face by tightening and smoothing the skin. Or get rid of sweaty armpits and enjoy your summer clothes with Underarm Botox. Finally, get the lips you have always dreamed of with Lip fillers. Just choose the July special and Lucia Clinic will craft a customized treatment plan just for you. This July it’s all about fulfilling your aesthetic goals!

THERMAGE FOR THE FACE – a non-surgical facelift

If your aesthetic goal this July is to reverse aging signs on your face, then Thermage for the face is your solution. This supreme treatment is a true example of cutting-edge anti-aging procedures that rejuvenate your facial skin by tightening and smoothing it. It’s a non-invasive treatment that requires only minimal downtime and offers you maximal results—an instant rejuvenated look. What’s great about Thermage for Face this July is that you can get CTP or FLX technology—it’s up to you! Find out the benefits of Thermage for face treatment.


Thermage for Face is perfect for you if you are not ready for a more invasive facelift. It’s no wonder people call this treatment a mini non-surgical facelift. Thermage for the face can lift and tighten your forehead, the area around your eyes, cheeks, jawline, and chin. Plus, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles in your entire facial area. As you can see, this procedure offers you a comprehensive skin tightening and smoothing experience. The results are completely natural-looking; the new collagen level does everything for you. You will look more youthful and refreshed without the need to explain what your secret is—that can stay between you and your Lucia Clinic skin therapist!


The beautiful effects of Thermage for the face don’t end when you leave Lucia Clinic. They get better and better as time passes. You see the immediate lifting and tightening effect as soon as your session is over, but as collagen continues to build up, you see the best results in 6 months. Your skin texture and firmness gradually improve, and your wrinkles and fine lines slowly disappear. These amazing results can last for more than a year, and then you can decide to get a touch-up treatment. After just minimal downtime, you can return to your normal routine with a rejuvenated, refreshed, and nicely contoured face.


Thermage CTP and FLX both work the same: they use RF energy to heat the underlying layers of your skin to boost collagen production. They bring you excellent results in tightening and smoothing out your facial skin. They are different in the size of the tip—Thermage FLX has a larger tip, which shortens your treatment session. So, if you are really busy, then Thermage FLX is your solution. Also, Thermage FLX provides more heat in a shorter time, which also makes it faster than Thermage CTP. Since Thermage FLX is more powerful, it has a special integrated technology that can adjust every pulse you get, which ensures maximal comfort. But, if you want to take it slow and with less energy but get amazing results, too, then Thermage CTP is your option.

To get a maximum of Thermage CTP or FLX, you will consult your Lucia Clinic therapist to find out which one is more suitable for your skin concerns and desired outcomes. Both Thermage FLX and CTP are go-to treatments if you want non-invasive skin tightening and lifting procedures. So, let your natural beauty shine through with this amazing July Special.

The next treatment you can try this July at Lucia Clinic is Underarm Botox – perfect for the summer!

UNDERARM BOTOX – a minimally invasive, sweat-reducing procedure

Underarm Botox can transform your life. Botox is an amazing product whose benefits go beyond anti-aging. Lucia Clinic’s underarm Botox reduces hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm sweating. This minimally invasive treatment will help you relax and forget about uncomfortable wet patches of sweat on your clothes. It’s time to enjoy summer with boosted confidence and underarm freshness that lasts for months!


The Underarm Botox procedure is fully customized to meet your aesthetic goals. Also, it’s quick and convenient – your session can be finished in 15 minutes. But there is a twist – you need to get this treatment done by a skilled and experienced doctor. You will also choose a skilled doctor to inject Botox into your face, right? It’s all about the precision – Lucia Clinic doctors are experts in Underarm Botox. Using a tiny needle, they inject the right amount of Botox into your underarm sweat glands to temporarily relax them and prevent them from producing too much sweat. With Lucia Clinic doctors by your side, there will be no side effects or risks – only amazing results!


With Underarm Botox, you will be the star of every social gathering. Just imagine a world where you can confidently raise your arms, put on your best clothes and put the sweat stains in the past. This game-changing procedure is here to make these dreams a reality. After Lucia Clinic’s Underarm Botox, you will feel confident when giving a presentation at work, dancing in a club or having a romantic date. Do you have a special event coming, like a wedding or a very important meeting? Underarm Botox treatment will help you stay dry and feel and look your best when it matters the most.


And we really mean carefree – from the moment you walk into Lucia Clinic! Lucia Clinic’s doctors put your comfort and well-being in the first place, so this treatment will be like a breeze. It’s all in the expertise and talent of these amazing professionals. Although Underarm Botox is an injectable treatment, it is minimally uncomfortable and quick. Plus, there is no downtime – you can easily squeeze it into your lunch break. After your session, you will forget about the limitations of excessive sweating and enjoy your silky, dry armpits. And that’s truly precious!

Finally, this July, you can get the lips of your dreams with Lucia Clinic’s lip fillers.

LIP FILLERS – for instant enhancement

Are you dreaming of more voluminous, more defined and more symmetrical lips? Well, this July at Lucia Clinic, you can get lip filler treatment and experience its transformative power. This quick and straightforward treatment will enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. With a bespoke treatment plan crafted by Lucia Clinic doctors, your lip filler treatment will help you achieve that perfect pout you have always desired.


What’s great about lip fillers is that they can be fully customized. During your consultation with Lucia Clinic doctors, you can ask for more fullness and volume, better shape and definition of your lips or a reduction of lipstick lines around your lips. All this can be achieved with dermal fillers. Since the results are instant, you can leave Lucia Clinic with the enhanced lips you have always desired. The treatment is quick and minimally uncomfortable – you can easily squeeze it into your lunch break.


The secret of a brilliant lip filler treatment is natural-looking results. Lucia Clinic doctors are artists in keeping your lips looking natural after this treatment. It’s all about harmonizing your entire face with enhanced lips and not making you look fake or overly done. So, don’t worry about duck lips or trout pout. With Lucia Clinic doctors, the new shape and volume of your lips will complement your unique facial features. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty with lip fillers and not to make you look weird.


Although lip fillers are not permanent, they can last for up to a year – then you can get a touch-up treatment. They last for so long because Lucia Clinic doctors use only the highest quality lip fillers. They are made of hyaluronic acid, which is already present in your lips. When lip fillers are injected into your lips, the hyaluronic acid combines with the water in the soft tissue and makes your lips fuller, softer and better contoured. Lucia Clinic’s lip fillers are designed to make your lips youthful, naturally enhanced and beautiful. After this treatment, you will fall in love with your lips and your smile.


With Lucia Clinic’s July specials, you can finally reveal your true beauty. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to rejuvenate your facial skin with the most advanced skin lifting and tightening treatment, Thermage for the face. Or embrace a sweat-free lifestyle with Underarm Botox. Finally, make your lips more voluminous, softer and better defined with the highest quality lip filler treatment. Feel like a star in every social gathering!

Visit Lucia Clinic and get your customized July special.