Ultimate Guide to Best Customized Aesthetic Treatments According to Your Skin Type

Ultimate guide to aesthetic treatments for all skin types

You may already know that different aesthetic treatments address different skin concerns while considering the specific aspects of different skin types.

But, how do you know which aesthetic treatment is the best for you?

First, you need to find out which skin type you have and then get a customized treatment plan for your skin issues.

In this guide, I am going to tell you about the most effective treatments based on your skin type and why a bespoke procedure brings the most effective and long-lasting results.


Read the following chapters.


  1. How to maintain skin tone and texture for a normal skin type?
  2. How to hydrate dry skin with aesthetic treatments?
  3. Balancing oily skin
  4. Which aesthetic treatments to use for sensitive skin?
  5. How to turn back the clock with aesthetic treatments for aging skin?
  6. How to treat acne-prone skin?

1. How to maintain skin tone and texture for a normal skin type?

If your skin appears healthy and balanced with smooth texture and even tone then we can say that you are blessed with normal skin type. But this doesn’t mean that you are excused from a proper skincare routine. On the contrary, your skin occasionally experiences breakouts, dryness or sensitivity because of weather shifts or lifestyle habits. Even though these skin concerns may be only temporary, you can easily treat them with customized aesthetic procedures that will keep your skin beautiful and radiant.

Chemical peels as a reset button for your skin

Chemical peels are a brilliant procedure for keeping your normal skin even and healthy. They are special solutions that Lucia Clinic doctors apply to your face and then remove after a certain time. The outer layer of your skin starts to gently peel off and after a couple of days, you can see the end result – fresh and healthy skin.  Once the outer layer of your skin is removed a new layer is revealed.

High-quality bespoke chemical peels at Lucia Clinic

For example,

Lucia Clinic’s SKIN TECH EASY TCA CLASSIC PEEL is the perfect starter peel.

It is a light peel, which means that it doesn’t require downtime or cause side effects. It removes dead skin cells, free radicals and other impurities. It helps your skin to regenerate and stay radiant and youthful.

You can get light chemical peels as often as you want, provided that you follow the aftercare treatment protocol. With each session, you are giving your skin a fresh start.

Microdermabrasion for a polished finish

Microdermabrasion is another brilliant treatment for normal skin types. It gently exfoliates the outer layer of your skin to reveal a smoother and evener tone and texture. It’s perfect for reducing fine lines and refreshing your skin.

Microdermabrasion for bright and beautiful skin complexion

At Lucia Clinic you can get Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion, which is completely non-invasive and specifically designed to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. It removes residue from makeup products, environmental pollutants and other impurities. It immediately sucks in the removed dead cells and makes your skin shine like a diamond.

What’s great about microdermabrasion is that it can be fully customized to address your specific needs. This means that

Lucia Clinic’s doctors can control the depth of the abrasion and the amount of time for the suction part.

There is no downtime after this procedure so you can freely continue with your daily routine.

You can get microdermabrasion once a month to keep your skin complexion radiant and healthy-looking.

Laser treatments for glowing complexion

Finally, to maintain your skin tone and texture nice and radiant, you can get different laser treatments. Lasers are based on focused light energy that targets your specific skin concerns. They can be fully customized to meet your individual skin concerns.

iPixel laser therapy for refreshing and lifting aging skin

For example, Lucia Clinic’s Clear+Brilliant is a gentle laser treatment that rejuvenates your skin by reducing aging signs. It keeps your skin youthful and radiant, plus it increases your skin permeability. This is super beneficial for your skin because it boosts the speed of serum absorption. Also,

Clear+Brilliant laser treatment triggers the production of collagen and elastin, which make your skin radiant and healthy-looking.

So, to look after your skin tone and texture properly, it’s best to consult with Lucia Clinic’s doctors. Together you can determine which treatment would be the most suitable for maintaining your normal skin type.

2. How to hydrate dry skin with aesthetic treatments?

When you look in the mirror and notice that your skin has a rough texture around the cheeks and generally shows more wrinkles and fine lines than you would like, your skin is dry then. It may also look dull and dehydrated because it doesn’t produce enough sebum to protect it. But don’t worry – customized treatments specially tailored for dry skin can improve its skin texture and restore much-needed hydration. You just need to find the best one for you.

Hydrating facials like a tall glass of water for dry skin

You will love Lucia Clinic’s Hydrating Facials! They can do wonders to your skin! Hydrating Facials are perfect if your skin needs deep nourishing and replenishing moisture levels.

Lucia Clinic HydraFacial for ultimate skin moisturizing

For example, Lucia Clinic’s HydraFacial Express is a super pampering yet very effective treatment for dry skin.

It is an instant skin refresher that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and nurtures your skin.

It is absolutely painless and in 30 minutes you can see the results – your skin is smoother and more radiant. HydraFacial Express is perfect for you if you have a busy schedule, and you can do it once a month to keep your skin moisturized and refreshed.

With Hydrating Facials your dry skin becomes glowing. You prevent premature aging and put a stop to fine lines, dead skin cells and rough skin texture.

LED mask therapy for the ultimate pampering of the skin

Don’t worry, LED masks are not from a sci-fi movie. They are very real and effective. With special light that is emitted to your face, LED light therapy can reduce aging signs and keep your skin from looking dull and dehydrated.

Lucia Clinic’s LED mask therapy for very dull and dry skin

With regular sessions, the effects of LED masks accumulate and contribute to your skin’s radiance and hydration.

Lucia Clinic’s LED mask therapy is perfect for improving skin tone and texture. Plus, you can combine it with other treatments to boost the results. For example, get a hydrating facial before LED mask therapy because if your skin is clean and exfoliated, the light will go much deeper into it.

LED mask therapy is completely non-invasive and relaxing and we can say that it is one of the most soothing aesthetic treatments. And pampering is just what your dry skin desperately needs.

Dermal fillers for replenishing the skin from the inside out

Dermal fillers are amazing aesthetic treatments that deal with facial volume loss – whether from aging or loss of hydration. These injectables are full of hyaluronic acid that moisturizes dry skin and improves skin texture.

Lucia Clinic Dermal fillers for hydrating dull & dry skin

Hyaluronic acid is already present in your skin, so dermal fillers give it a little boost to keep the level of moisture and bind more molecules of water.

If you are bothered with hollow temples or tear troughs, dermal fillers easily replenish these areas of your face. The results are instant – after the session, you immediately see how much your skin has improved in terms of plumpness and softness.

When consulting with Lucia Clinic doctors, you can decide which facial areas you can replenish with dermal fillers. What’s great about this treatment is that it is fully customized and brings you natural-looking results. Lucia Clinic’s dermal fillers are of the highest quality and Lucia Clinic’s doctors are super talented and skilled. Don’t worry about looking overdone – in the hands of Lucia Clinic doctors you will restore your skin vitality with dermal fillers and look pitch-perfect.

So, forget about dull-looking skin and rough complexion. With Lucia Clinic’s customized treatments and individual approach, your skin will look hydrated, radiant and youthful.

3. Balancing oily skin

Contrary to dry skin, if you have oily skin then you are probably dealing with enlarged pores, greasy appearance, or acne. These skin concerns happen because your skin produces too much sebum. Often your pores get clogged because of too much oil and cause different breakouts. But, that can all change with customized aesthetic treatments that regulate oil production and improve your skin texture.

Chemical peels for achieving a matte complexion

I’ve already mentioned chemical peels in terms of maintaining a normal skin type. But these special solutions have so many other benefits, including regulating oily skin. If your skin is oily then the best chemical peels for you are the ones that use BHAs or beta-hydroxy acids. They are oil-soluble and can deeply penetrate your pores and exfoliate your skin. This helps unclog your pores and reduce oil production without too much drying of your pores.

Lucia Clinic Viora IPL therapy, best for sensitive skin


For example, Lucia Clinic’s Dermamelan® chemical peel is perfect for regulating oil production, reducing breakouts and reducing the size of the pores. It can be fully customized to deal with your skin concerns successfully.

After the treatment, you just need to follow the aftercare treatment protocol and in the first month, you can see 80% of skin improvement.

Your skin will be radiant and healthy-looking without appearing too greasy.

Laser-away with oily skin

Different laser therapies can be a game-changer for you if you have oily skin. Laser can even target sebaceous glands and reduce their activity. They actually heat and shrink the glands and put excessive oil production under control. What’s also great about lasers is that they reduce the size of enlarged pores and immediately give you a more even complexion. As a bonus, lasers trigger collagen production, making your skin firmer and smoother.

Lucia Clinic Secret Erbium laser therapy for oily skin

For example,

Lucia Clinic’s Secret Erbium is a super advanced non-ablative laser. It boosts collagen production and minimizes the size of pores.

After a couple of sessions, your skin texture is more even without appearing too oily and greasy.

After consultation with Lucia Clinic’s doctors, you can decide which laser therapy will finally put an end to your oily skin.

Micro-needling for refreshing your skin

Micro-needling is a brilliant treatment that triggers your skin’s natural healing processes. As your skin heals from micro-wounds, created during the treatment, it regulates oil production and starts producing collagen. Also, after micro-needling, your skin absorbs skincare products better and faster. This way the products are more effective in oil control and improvement of your skin’s overall quality.

Lucia Clinic’s micro-needling treatment can be fully customized to address your skin concerns. Lucia Clinic’s doctors perform this treatment in a precisely controlled manner. This guarantees no adverse side effects or long downtime.

With micro-needling you can finally say goodbye to unwanted shiny complexion and welcome more balanced and radiant skin.

These treatments can do wonders for oily skin in terms of regulating oil production, improving skin texture and unclogging pores. The best thing is that each of them can be fully customized to bring you the desired results.

4. Which aesthetic treatments to use for sensitive skin?

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if you have sensitive skin or not. Basically, if your skin can’t tolerate harsh conditions like wind, sun or cold and is over reactive and easily irritated then it’s sensitive. You may often experience skin concerns like excessive redness or flushing. But with customized aesthetic treatments, specially designed for sensitive skin, you can easily treat different skin concerns and keep your skin under control.

Intense pulsed light treatments for evening skin tone

These treatments are super advanced and can easily rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin. They are non-invasive and safe and bring you long-lasting results in terms of even skin tone and balanced complexion. They don’t require long downtime, because they specifically target your skin concerns and leave the healthy tissue unharmed

Lucia Clinic Viora IPL therapy, best for sensitive skin

Lucia Clinic’s Viora IPL is one of the most advanced treatments for photo-rejuvenation. It is also very popular, especially among those with sensitive skin.

It targets skin concerns with the combo of heat and light and significantly reduces broken capillaries and redness.

The beauty of this treatment lies in its customization – the parameters are set to target issues with rosacea for example. After a few sessions, Viora IPL makes your skin tone more even and improves the general quality of your skin.

Another brilliant photo-rejuvenation treatment is AFT. It works similarly to a laser but is much gentler and more comfortable. This is a huge plus for you because it reduces downtime and effectively deals with skin issues like rosacea or different skin discolorations. You can quickly see the results which include significantly improved skin tone and texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and no more redness or pigmentation. Your skin appears healthy, radiant and balanced.

Light chemical peels as a gentle hug for sensitive skin

Gentle or superficial chemical peels feel like a gentle breeze on your sensitive skin. These solutions contain mild acids or fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate your skin.

These chemical peels remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve your skin texture without causing irritation.

The end result – your skin is rejuvenated, refreshed and healthy-looking.

Lucia Clinic’s PCA SENSI PEEL is super beneficial for sensitive skin. It is gentle and soothing and a great starter peel. It is full of plant ingredients that make your skin brighter and evener. It’s great for reducing rosacea and inflammation because it has antibacterial features. So, if you are looking for the best chemical peel for sensitive skin, PCA Sensi Peel is definitely it.

All these treatments are super beneficial for sensitive skin as long as you consult with Lucia Clinic’s skin expert and decide which one will bring you the most satisfying results. They provide gentle care but super effective results – you will definitely include them in your regular skincare routine.

5. How to turn back the clock with aesthetic treatments for aging skin?

If you are starting to notice aging signs on your face, like wrinkles and fine lines, loss of volume, dullness and other nasty imperfections, then your skin is maturing. You may conclude that you feel differently on the inside and that it’s time to do something about your aging skin. Well, the good news is that there are different aesthetic treatments that can take years off your face.

Beloved Botox and Dermal fillers

Everybody loves Botox and dermal fillers because they are fast, safe and amazing anti-aging treatments. When performed by qualified and skilled doctors, these treatments can do wonders for your aging skin.

Lucia Clinic Dermal fillers for hydrating dull & dry skin

Lucia Clinic’s Botox is one of the most popular treatments among celebrities and people out of the limelight. It’s simply the best in smoothing out those nasty wrinkles like Frown lines, Forehead wrinkles and Crow’s feet.

With a customized treatment plan, you can easily rejuvenate your face and look refreshed and, well, much younger.

Plus, the treatment is only minimally invasive and shows the results after just a couple of days. Very important – don’t worry about looking frozen! Lucia Clinic’s doctors will inject just the right amount of Botox to rejuvenate your face and keep all your facial expressions. Natural-looking and long-lasting results are all that you can expect after Botox.

Dermal Fillers are a great option if you want to restore volume in your facial areas. They are full of hyaluronic acids that instantly plump your cheeks, fill in your sunken temples or refresh your tear troughs. Your face restores its youthful plumpness. If you like, you can even add a small amount of dermal filler to your lips and make them juicy and full again.

Laser skin rejuvenation for restoring natural glow

Laser therapies are super effective in reducing aging signs and improving your overall skin quality. They stimulate collagen production which fills in wrinkles and fine lines and makes your face rejuvenated and refreshed. Laser can also reduce age spots and other signs of maturing skin. Plus they are non-invasive and require only minimal downtime.

iPixel laser therapy for refreshing and lifting aging skin

Lucia Clinic’s iPIXEL LASER is a state-of-the-art treatment for skin rejuvenation.

It is perfect for you if you expect significant but also natural-looking results.

The treatment triggers your body’s natural healing processes, boosting collagen production and cell turnover. The benefits are numerous – you can say goodbye to deep wrinkles and lines and large pores. Your skin gets plumper, more youthful and smoother. As a bonus, this laser therapy can firm and slightly lift your skin which greatly contributes to its rejuvenation.

Micro-needling for boosting collagen

We are coming back to micro-needling because it’s simply a great treatment that can even help you reduce aging signs. It’s like a wake-up call for your skin’s collagen production. Tiny needles create micro-wounds in your skin and it starts to heal.

While the skin is healing, collagen is produced and this wonderful cycle improves your skin texture, reduces wrinkles and fine lines and makes your skin firmer and more elastic.

Everything that’s needed for your skin to look rejuvenated.

Lucia Clinic’s micro-needling treatment is only minimally invasive and what’s even more important it’s fully customized. Lucia Clinic’s doctors perform this treatment in a controlled manner, paying attention to the depth of needles and your comfort. After a couple of sessions, you will notice that this treatment has really turned back time on your face.

All these treatments can do wonders for your aging skin without discomfort, long downtime or plastic surgery. With a customized treatment plan and individual approach, you will return to your youthful appearance in no time.

6. How to treat acne-prone skin?

If you have acne-prone skin then you probably feel frustrated most of the time. Acne is very persistent and even if you manage to eliminate them, you are left with acne scars. So, acne is not an easy skin concern to deal with. Luckily, you can get some advanced and safe aesthetic treatments that can help you make your skin clear and healthy-looking.

Chemical peels for a fresh start for the skin

Chemical peels are here again! They are super effective in dealing with acne. They are gentle and soothing and don’t irritate your skin additionally. Chemical peels for acne-prone skin are made of gentle acids that exfoliate your skin and unclog the pores. They also remove dead skin cells, balance oil production and improve the overall skin texture. As a plus, chemical peels face acne scars and make your skin look radiant.

One of the best chemical peels for acne-prone skin is Lucia Clinic’s ACNELAN PEEL BY MESOESTETIC®.

When done professionally, this advanced chemical peel eliminates the very cause of acne and prevents acne breakouts.

It also unclogs the pores and makes your skin texture super bright and clear. It gives your skin exactly what it needs – a healthy balance. It removes excess oil, impurities and other causes of acne in just 3 sessions.

Laser therapy for attacking acne at its source

Laser therapy is super effective in treating acne-prone skin because it prevents breakouts and helps with balancing oil production. Lasers can also kill bacteria that cause acne and what’s the end result – clear and healthy-looking skin.

Lucia Clinic’s ClearSkin is a super advanced treatment that combines laser, vacuum and contact cooling to treat acne. This cooling technology makes the treatment quite comfortable – that’s why it’s very popular. Plus, it requires only minimal or no downtime at all. So, how does ClearSkin help?

It eliminates the three major causes of acne – dead skin cells, bacteria and excess sebum.

So, after a couple of sessions, your skin gets rejuvenated, clear and smooth. You can enjoy your healthy-looking skin for a long time because ClearSkin brings you long-lasting results.

Microdermabrasion as a gentle ally against acne

Microdermabrasion shows another benefit – it reduces acne breakouts! With gentle exfoliation, your Lucia Clinic therapist removes the dead skin cells and unclogs the pores. This immediately soothes your skin and improves your skin texture. It’s non-invasive and minimally uncomfortable and if you use it on a regular basis, you can keep your skin clear, bright and healthy-looking.

At Lucia Clinic, you can get a SilkPeel microdermabrasion which is performed with a special handpiece. Lucia Clinic’s doctors gently exfoliate your skin and suction the debris. As a cherry on top, Lucia Clinic’s doctors infuse a special dermal solution deep into your skin. Of course,

for acne problems, you get a CLARIFYING FORMULA that soothes your skin with its salicylic acid and aloe combo.

Your complexion gets clear, bright and hydrated.


Forget about feeling self-conscious about your acne issues. With a customized treatment plan and personalized approach, you will enjoy healthy-looking and clear skin after just a few sessions.

That’s it for today. Hope this guide helped you better understand aesthetic treatments for different skin types.

For more information, schedule a consultation with Lucia Clinic’s doctors and find the best aesthetic procedure for your skin concerns.